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  • Quote from Erik: “What the f***. 10k kinah costumes for 99 aion coins ” Omg, these are the skins you could buy in past from that npc in sanctum next to the room of dyes xD

  • Quote from Darketa: “What kind of settings do you have and how do they work? ” When you see that the default engine has antialiasing and "high quality" engine doesn't have, you can undestard how bad the optimization is in aion. Be cautious if you want to force antialiasing in the high quality engine from the GPU'S control panel. I tried that in past and worked, but it made everything else very faded (even the letters from texts). Not sure if the same thing will happen to you too, but in any case…

  • Quote from Accuracy: “It's like 3 months late to call it quick ” Actually it's 4 months, not 3. And when 6.2 launched it had a lot more population than it has now.

  • Quote from Noctis: “this was supposed to be the 1st event of 6.2, ure months late GF :x ” Such events are like adrenaline shots, only to revive a stopped heart. They saw the players leaving, they decided to act quick. for the event. for the time.

  • 6.5 Enchant Success Rates

    Neverfelt - - General Discussion


    Quote from KudesnikEU: “ ” I did today 1 ancient gear from +10 to +15 using less than 40 ancient stones. This would be impossible without 6.5 rates. But in any case, rng is rng...

  • Quote from Tornheim: “Just use Narakkalli. Run through the whole instance to see if Shukikruk spawns. Tutorial video below ” I did 45 runs around like this, only spawned shugo there twice, and both times gave me the same skill i don't need... It's kinda ridiculous really, spend so much time solo in a... MMO instance, to run inside like a ghost doing nothing, for RNG spawn and RNG drop and RNG type of drop.

  • Decent event because of the contracts And the fighting spirits bundle and serums are welcome too.

  • Quote from Rusty Coin Event: “Combine the coin with 8,000,000 XP to receive ‘Boborunerk's Special Coin’. You can combine 5 Boborunerk’s Special Coins with Luna's Light to receive an extraordinary reward, including items such as the [Event] Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone, the Legendary Lydium, the Box of Level 80 Manastones and the Scion Daeva Set (Plate). ” hahahahahaha

  • Quote from Divine: “I recently swapped from elyos to asmo and needed to buy crap on broker to extract to get slot stones to open my gear to upgrade to legendary and also the legendary pve stuff I have i havnt fully opened to put some accuracy stones in it. ” Broker didn't had any gear to buy? Or you didn't have the kinah to buy? In both cases, problem wasn't the slot stone's ingame income, and 1 or 5 slot stones from "events" wouldn't be any help since you can get hundreds of them with a single …

  • Introduction : Grendal

    Neverfelt - - Introductions


    welcome, have fun censoring us!!

  • 1 x Legendary Lydium 5 x Slot Stones @Galeas will you be so kind to communicate with the person who choosing the free-to-play rewards and explained to him that some items in game can be acquired in hundreds very easily? I understand that you guys want to reduce the % for a player to get something valuable for free by adding junks in the reward list, but add something else instead!!! What good can do 1 x legendary lydium and 5 x slot stones to the players when they have thousands of those items s…

  • Quote from ynal: “I have 10kk ap and need ~50kk ap to upgrade legendary gear, so ya ” If you only have 10kk ap then you barely play... Quote from ynal: “you need massively ap if u want to upgrade legendary gear to ultimate. ” Thats the only obstacle to reach ultimate? The ap? xD

  • Quote from ynal: “@Galeas what about ap event? ” Why you need ap event? You can easily farm millions of ap in this patch...

  • Quote from Senpai: “ I'm really dissapointed in players doing what (s)he did, but the video still falls under "Naming & shaming", which isn't allowed on this board. -Senpai ” Actually it doesn't. Original post was only an ingame video footage with a general title about daevonian skills. No accusation that an "x" player from an "x" server did something. Neither with voice or texting. According to this logic, every ingame footage that is posted on boards can be considered "naming and shaming".

  • No worries, support's automatic answering machine will start investigation about the incident.

  • Server wide entry or normal entry doesn't have anything to do, i went few istanses with normal entry and got reset in all of them.

  • Merge before it's too late!

    Neverfelt - - Suggestions


    Quote from VisionAion: “The population are so low on many of the servers that the open world PvP are boring and dead. I can run around for hours without meeting any elyo on antri server, those i meet are either bots(ban them all!) or those who run to guards once they see a red dot. ” Like there is any reason now to attack someone in open world.... xD As for elyos in your server they used charackter conflicts from previous merge and went to Deyla. That's why you see such bad ratio there.

  • Quote from VisionAion: “Gather up 150 ancient stones - add all of them, set + to +15 and walk away. It happens that you maybe have to use 50 more to +15 but what's 200 stones?` ” This is the best way to burn all the ancient stones and end up with +10. For me is better to use ancient for +10 to +13 (or +14 if it procs +2) and use legendary for the last 1 or 2 levels to +15.

  • Quote from Desperation: “You changed sense of my words. I havent said that they need to give up and start together on some server. I just told they werent lucky and didnt meet each other, thats all. ” Anyone who read your quotation in my comment will understand the same thing. I didn't try to change sense of your words by any mean. We can analyse it if you want... 1st possibility. Directly explain why my argument is irrelevant with " : " by giving your opinion on the same subject. (Which is the …

  • Quote from Watchcat: “Quote from Neverfelt: “And you can easily go play in another server to find a group with a cleric. Would you? ” Sure, I'm one of the strongest players can gear up in 2 weeks and paying 10k euro monthly like you mentioned in your comment it is not problem at all. We are asking about server transfer, merge and if there are another solutions I think you can keep your solution ("leave your main character and 3 months progress, create another character in crowded server play wit…