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  • PVE stats for prom/mara ?

    Defhead - - Ranger


    Quote from Goldiy: “Hey I wanted to ask if mine are ok either. [Imma playin dmg cleric as main on Loki Elyos/ Mostly PvP] Prometun: I have 14.5k mag atk (With Sacrificial) 2897 mcrit (26%) 54k HP 988 Healing Boost / 1188 Without Sacrificial 10 300 Physical - / 10 400 Magical Defense ~2900 PvE attack ~2700 PvE Def ” But u are on a ranger thread ..

  • Quote from Rym: “ @Galeas Please do enjoy the video, and look forward to more vids! This is indeed a rarity, to make so many items +13 in one go I consider myself surreally lucky. ” I didn't get the point of your video. What is sad about it?

  • Quote from Buburuza: “Holy Tower - 20 Candy Bombs Mob named: Awakened Pumpkin King. I think: - Awakened needs 20 - Normal needs 7 ” Weird, because in GoK it's also an Awakened Pumpkin King but it needs, as @Wixi said, between 16 and 17 candies.

  • Quote from nev: “Quote from Doombolt: “Thank you for the clarification, Galeas! One last thing, does the 900k applies to garden bonus as well or only to the normal x4 times per week instance? ” garden bonus has been removed? hellou? ” Hellou, it was not. They just deleted the icon on the map and the entry in the instance info list. But u can still do it with Serverwide recruitement.

  • Same issue here! I ve a good GPU, MB, CPU and many RAM left, but I still have this issue in Aion.

  • Quote from Murskaaja: “200 bags used, not a single minced meat. Such a delightful event, all it did for me was filling inventory space. ” Give your feedback hear plz Moon Festival Results to point out the problem.

  • Moon Festival Results

    Defhead - - General Discussion


    @Galeas as you can see the result of this event is very disappointing. Can you please give our feedback to GF AND MOST IMPORTANTLY give us the GF's response. For instance, can they confirm that the event worked as planned (I know that you already gave us a response a week ago, but we would like a new response from GF with this data) or did they realize that this event was a failure and wasn't properly designed. Plz @Galeas, it would be great. Thank you.

  • @Galeas already answered on other forums and said there was no bug but confirmed that the drop rate was law. Btw, still no meat for me neither since the beginning of the event. Dozens (maybe hundred) of people are reporting not having meat but nobody cares at GF... It's so annoying... Seriously @Galeas, the fact that drop rate is low MAY be a bug. If the drop rate for the five items of the bag are: - 24.9% - 24.9% - 24.9% - 24.9% - 0.4% I consider it a bug of designing of the event, because with…

  • Enchanting stigmas

    Defhead - - General Discussion


    Quote from Elysorrow: “and even made one (normal) stigma +9 without using stigma enchantment stones ” What??!! How is it possible?

  • Goldpack Rewards

    Defhead - - General Discussion


    What this have to do with goldpack rewards?

  • Quote from Lahire: “4x runs nara, 4x HT and another 3x runs nara and 4HT in another char, 0 contracts ” Well, since last thursday, we made 4x Nara + 4x HT and we dropped at total 3 contracts