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  • Lack of content

    Purri - - General Discussion


    1st:I disagree with the fact that getting ultimate gear is even easier cuz ppl are "trading" it,the chances of dropping gear are like 50%and the most of the players still miss parts and go also cross server (with ppl from diff server so they cant trade to some1 else or its hard to) 2nd:for makarna and prome being easy,u should blame koreans as also the part that we lack content 3rd: indeed gf can help with events,but the content will be the same,since the events they can mostly put are the ones …

  • 6.5 First Info

    Purri - - General Discussion


    Quote from Kelekelio: “Quote from Purri: “ ” The table was created before the update and was never updated.In that update, Vacuum Chain Explosion's CD was increased to 4s. ” @Kelekelio yeah actually u are right ,I just noticed,thanks a lot for the info

  • 6.5 First Info

    Purri - - General Discussion

    Post…n_Skill_Enchanting_Effect @Kelekelio Are the info about cd and damage correct?cuz I have heard insta vacuum choke will have 4 sec cd,but there it says it will still have 1,please check it and tell me

  • A good pve rotation for instances?

    Purri - - Sorcerer


    As far as I know there are no orbs with attack speed right now ,so I dont think its worth to auto attack,and I also doubt that ppl will use hybrid form for that (except if they only have hybrid or physical forms )which is still inferior to cast ones

  • Quote from Galeas: “ - We added Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone to Boborunerk's Grandiose Reward Chest (as additional 100% drop). ” Since the thread was made to highlight the decrease in legendary enchantment stones on broker,Is this legendary enchantment pve stone tradeable via broker or no? @Galeas

  • Thanks for ur answers @Galeas Since I made a mistake on my second question ,let me ask: Does ur first answer include both hero trials and platinerk system,or only hero trials?(about platinerk getting introduced)

  • A major decrease in legendary enchantment stones on broker has been noticeable during these days.Even if we finally got an event with tradeable legendary enchantment stones,the portions are too small to satisfy all the players.From the other hand the reset of VR was a great way of getting stones,but unfortunately it came to an end already(during to people's demands as I said).Cuz of this reasons I have some questions: 1. Will we get hero trials before March? 2. Will be the VR system converted to…

  • Ayy u wanted legendary lydium?Rusty coin event is here

  • @Galeas We ,all people playing aion ,would like to see some events ,that are fun doing them ,with some good rewards like tradeable legendary enchantment stones,or a big portion of untradeable ones.Also it would be nice if we can all have an access of getting red enchantment stones/some extra transformation contracts and probably boxes with daevanion skills or tradeable boxes with legendary/ultimate pve or pvp equipment in low rates(at least more than 1%)Since 6.2 doesnt have lots of content,even…

  • Its bad to compare different regions actually,im always talking about what happened before in EU

  • Quote from roa: “i think no1 using this anyway since as u said Quote from Purri: “Mostly crappy items ” ” 5.8s Last Wheel had very nice items,but it was at the last of the patch unfortunately,you could get almost everything u wanted( dark water weapon chests ,mysterious scrolls, fear godstone and scroll for changing +20 skills)got 2 items of them with 4 spins,and a karemiwen contract.

  • Change the wheel of destiny as it was on 5.8. For the people who dont know what were the differences and similarities of the previous and new one,im going to explain: Similarities: - Unfortunately is an rng box as it was before too,by the form of a wheel of. Fortune - Mostly crappy items Differences: - Previous wheel of destiny was actually showing the rewards that u can get by spinning and had equal chances to get all items(1 out of 20 I think).New wheel of destiny is similar to the rng boxes t…

  • 1. Rng is everywhere and gameforge doesnt help us at all: We have already rng in: enchant,daevanion skills,getting pve gear,rerolling stats.getting transformations and instead of gf helping the players with giving us more legendary/ultimate stones,daevanion skill , lunas, contracts with specific transformations and ways to have more drop rates, WE get rng boxes with 2% chance to get something valuable or rare. 2.The 1st event that I liked is the dice event,since all ppl can play it ,and it has s…

  • Am i the only one who saw more shugos in normal server than integrated,or its just pure pure rng?

  • pvp attack / pve attack

    Purri - - General Discussion


    1pve attck=1 magic attck and physical attck vs mobs 1 pvp attck =1 magic attck and physical attck vs players

  • @Galeas Also will pumpkin spawn in cross server istances or no?(5.6 there were no pumpkins in cross server narakallis etc)

  • @Galeas Hmm so if cross server is closed for pve and I cant enter the dungeons with my cross server premade ,and in my server there is only 1 group doing prometun and 0 groups doing makarna, how the h*ck will I complete these dungeons? Edit:Or u just have to go the entrance to apply in cross server like 5.4?

  • Quote from twardy: “Quote from SinGGle: “event dont have daeva skills deyla = 3++++++ skills nergal = 1 skills/month =( ” I didnt buy any skill for gold bars, came back to aion 2 months before 6.2. I have 3 deavonian skills on my glad without any twinking. Stop crying. ” Just because u were f**ing lucky with rng doesnt mean that all ppl are

  • Honour points issue

    Purri - - General Discussion


    Why should you use xform in a f****g small world boss

  • From personal experiences : 1st:sm 2nd:sorc 3rd:ranger 4th:AT 5th:sin and glad Chanters and bards are boosting dps of other people but u can still do a decent amount of damage , gunners without daevanion skills are trashes ,Templars are tankier but not better dpsl