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  • What stigma to +9?

    Shoshi - - Cleric


    I as well prefer Splendour of Rebirth over healing servant, servant overall heal is small and you spam aoe heals anyway while it can steal buffs from the bard for example so bad placing and/ or boss aoes rly, rly negate its usefulness. For PvP i would choose either Blind / Sprint or Festering and for PvE Anything dps related

  • cube + key = soul + a new cube souls = > from cube / drop in instances / event mobs (?) / event boss / cash shop; cube = > drop 3 per week from quest / drop from instances (?) / chain opening of 1 cube gives you another one; keys = > 30 min log in max 6 per day / cash shop / instances (?)

  • Where are the lvl reduction stones?

  • Since you all de-railed the subject from hero trials to pve ranks a question to bump it in the right direction-> After the maintenance not a single quest in trials count if done in ally? For example the calyda priests one?

  • Can come again

  • That is not worthy of being called an "event", if i was doing my job the way you manage the game i would have been fired in a day....

  • Me too, still have to sacrifice Hermine so we get better drops tho!

  • Quote from Alucinor: “Nobody said you are supposed to be able to do it with s**t gear and as a beginner? Its still too easy, finished so far with Sorc, Sin, Glad, Cleric, Sm, Bard, chanter & gunner. Sure its prolly bit hard for AT and Templar, but some people finished it with those pretty easy too. Get gear, get level. Then go do it and stop qq'ing if you can't do it as low level / low geared? if everything was nerfed to a point where any scrub can do it with starter gear, then what fun would an…

  • Quote from Desperation: “Quote from Galeas: “We are running the same version as the Korean one, we didn't modify anything on our side. ” But you do understannd that gear level in Korea and EU is totally diferent, right? ” And that is exactly why it is called Tower of Challenge! The challenge is to do 5.8 content with non high daeva gear! xD

  • How i see it is: You bought GP before the implementation of rewards if you are between lvl 80- 100 you will automatically get the rewards after implement. You get those rewards 1 time in timeframe of 3 months and you can use them 1 time for 1 char. If you use GP and you are already lvl 100 before update you are wasting them cause you were already eligible to get all rewards. Once this 3 months elapsed you will be this time reset to 80/80 as any other user, so this (second season) u do need to bu…

  • Quote from Galeas: “Hi, Was it disconnections or crashes? Please contact support and explain to them if you were disconnected or if you crashed and got a sendlog. Ideally, the sendlog files would also help them investigate on what happened. ” Sorry i loled... I have been crashing every time i try to swap chars since august this year, i sent multiple letters to support and the info and logs they requested, i am still waiting for a solution since now what 4 months....

  • With that kind of quest (Raging Priests) you will find any feedback. I had friends that were done in 20 min, friends that had 1 kill after 1h30 min, i spent 2h30 and didn't got a single kill before my grp gave up. You have to take into account the time of day ppl play, their server, sometime there is no one on the map and you can "solo in 5 min" sometimes there is 10 pts and you get ppl calling you names for simply running through "their spot" ?! (Its open world and some ppl have issues....) You…

  • Heal boost armour sets

    Shoshi - - Cleric


    Thanks, no need to rush to make it then, i am still good with my kata at 610.

  • Heal boost armour sets

    Shoshi - - Cleric


    How much heal boost total you have with Holy Apollon set?

  • I want to know how you make cash to buy 15 apes in 4 days pls, cose with price of 130-150 mil/1 and not using cash shop re-sell items i am really curious !? On a side note lets all agree that korea is making new content based on their gear status (+20 stuff) and mass population here is running with +5 rune tribe and cry for failing instances xD And also what is worst than cash shop ratio for real money/coins is the random box/bags. Honestly if you go to the store to buy eggs for your 4 members f…

  • The untold 5.6 changes.

    Shoshi - - General Discussion


    Kroban gives some sups too, tho they changed the gear loot and now its et jewels, any idea what those are used for or its just junk? Got gs bag in kroban but lame gs in it Same with Arkhal; drops in adma and lab are now 2 random pieces of armour for the pt to roll for and only chaos stone is 1 per person.

  • TOC

    Shoshi - - PvE


    Lower lvls are rather easy on mixed dps/heal stigmas. Final boss tho you need rly op dps to get her For lower lvls always start with mage/shaman/ caster mobs and kite/root the mele ones, jump out of area of effect spells and use healing boost skills before you cast on yourself hots. So far with my 1st run i got to lvl 40, but run out of time on boss despite dps set up and all dots -.-''