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  • 6.0 First Info

    Helkeheri - - General Discussion


    Quote from Keymaker: “Quote from testtestlab: “Quote from [NICK]sofast: “cant we just get the patch already? i dont mind having Korean language. not like i read the quests anyway. and anyway we got blue circles on the map to tell us where to go ” +100I have been playing the Korean and don't really care about both Korean text and voice (I rather like the Korean voices actually) A brand new server with 6.0 with original content (no old rewards) would be smoking hot IMHO You can then patch language…

  • Suggestion: Server Merge

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    Gotta keep faction balance in mind. You cant very well merge the 10 asmo from grendal to antriksha, because then it would be 110 asmo and only 104 elyos.

  • Everything works as intended.…feda55e6a8f36b3538b3923e8

  • If you look back at the forums. You can find the absolutely senseless ideas some people shared. Narakalli/MoK/Piton ape. Mainly suggested by people, who were doing endgame instances only (pre 5.8) pvp ape. Suggested by people that doesn't want to pve, even if enchantments were always obtained via pve. The right solution was there all along. Add 1-2 pvp related pink quest to that shugo in esterra, and add ape/serum/manastone to the rewards. That way nobody would be forced to do quests on a given …

  • Event is good, because someone got something. JK. The rate you can get anything, even keys is terrible. That being said, their idea of events is rubbish. As i said, if every single day is special, none of them are. - The inflation is a 2 edged blade as well. Whatever you have that's in the event, from medals to weapons, also loose it's value.

  • I'd rather have a decent event once in a while, than cash shop and crappy ones constantly. That's what an event is supposed to be. If every day is "special" none of them are.

  • Suggestion: Server Merge

    Helkeheri - - Suggestions


    Quote from Desperation: “I guess we gonna be disappointed by merge ” Was there a time with GF we haven't been?

  • Quote from failboat: “A feather would be more useful since those are tradeable. Looking at grey wolf stuff on aion powerbook, I think it's some later patch. ” Well both enhanced fallusha and graywolf acc are part of the september 20th update. Doesn't make sense to include one, and not the other.

  • Quote from Click: “You can take the Commander Medal Soulstones on the alt accounts, those are tradeable, however only worth 10k AP ” Cool, i have a lot more us of AP. - And what later patch should i wait for? Because korea got the graywolf accessories the same day as 5.8, in theory. - Regardless, prety damn useless compensation. 7 days untradeable serum. The hell do i do with that? Enchant my kroban necklace on my alt?...

  • Apparently you can loot both tradeable and untradeable xp serums from the boxes.…feda55e6a8f36b3538b3923e8 This has to be the worst event, maybe ever. Shop exclusive shugo game aside. - Boxes only drop medals/serum/tea. And it was probably a bug, but i got 1 entire merek too. I nominate some zoo residents to make our next events.

  • Quote from Neko: “The xp stars feel much wasted on lv75 chars with full bar. Can you change them to be tradeable or account tradeable at least? ” So are the commander soulstones on a strictly pve account. Actually it's prety damn useless. Just like the untradeable xp serums in the event.


    Helkeheri - - General Discussion


    Woah. Thanks for the great compensation for getting dropped out of instances during the union server issues. Now i can enchant the KB accessories i never got, within seven days. And i'm a step closer to my pvp gear that i will never buy, because i only pve. Great times, would do it again. 5/7

  • No, they are not tradeable. And i swear i remember putting them in lwh yesterday.…feda55e6a8f36b3538b3923e8 Is this like the broken crystal balls? What am i supposed to do with this on a 75 char?

  • Did they also make the xp serums untradeable? I could have sworn there was 2 in my legion wh. I got those on idk which char, but they are in BG inventory now.

  • Just look, "some" people are already loosing their minds.

  • 99% of the players made female characters. I'd encourage thinking.

  • At least i won't get more accounts banned by trying to participate. Nobody needs your +1 free key. I get medals for my rank. And got enough tea and herb. And you still ignore the narakalli chest question. Then you wonder why people talk in a manner whete you just warn them instead of a reply.

  • On my sm i kill the gate faster with skill sometimes.

  • Does this bag of... chips, drops in narakalli? Cuz that instance also spawns a chest with loot, just like kroban and mirash.

  • Quote from Galeas: “Quote from Helkeheri: “What do you guys expect? We've been telling them since the beginning. That we don't want to be forced to do X instance on given day, let alone keep cooldowns without a schedule. ” That is the reason why we will add the New NPC, to grant you more flexibility. ” Yeah. I got a taste of GF flexibilty last night, and today, in what im not allowed to discuss here. Let's be real. We both know the hero trials shouldn't even exist.