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  • Basic Classes Information

    The Warrior

    Fearsome and hulking, a Warrior’s way is found more through brute force and great resilience than guile and trickery. However, do not be fooled into thinking that Warriors are brainless or simple-minded. A Warrior bears the brunt of the attack and can reply with tremendous force and power. Do not fail to appreciate what these soldiers can do for you or your group.

    Once a warrior completes its acension quest it will be able to wear plate armor after choosing to become one of the following subclasses:

    Calling the Templar a maestro of defense wouldn’t be far from the truth, but one shouldn’t mistake its only purpose: to be an Atreian punching bag. With their high defense and various shield skills, Templars can also inflict some serious damage on their opponents. Depending on the situation, a Templar can swap a sword or mace (and shield) for a greatsword. While its ability to deal damage may be lower when compared to other classes, it would be unwise to ignore the Templar’s powerful attacks.

    Gladiators are Daevas who follow the Star of the Sword. They expertly wield most melee weapons and are especially proficient using polearms. Their ultimate goal is to obtain a variety of battle skills according to each weapon’s properties. However, rather than flamboyant techniques or tricks, they prefer to attack the enemy with power and accuracy. Therefore, Gladiators reveal their true value in close combat. They also perform crucial roles in most legions.

    The Scout

    If the Warrior is about grit, power and sheer strength, then the Scout concerns itself more with speed, agility and awareness. Scouts are complex men and women who pride themselves on a delicate touch and a measured approach. Once they learn their inherent strengths and weaknesses, Scouts can be formidable opponents.

    Although leather armor does not mitigate damage well, the Scout’s ability to evade most attacks makes them hard to hit and allows them to strike back with devastating counterattacks.

    The Assassin is a killing specialist that follows the Star of Death. After hiding itself, an Assassin quietly approaches the enemy and aims for vital spots to inflict the greatest damage in the quickest time. This is one of the Assassin’s trademark combat skills. Some Daevas have criticized this class for ambushing defenseless enemies or using poisoned blades. However, the Assassin is necessary in the legions for the roles of infiltration, disruption, assassination, and more.

    A Ranger is a Daeva with exceptional archery skills. Not only can a Ranger expertly wield a bow, but can make good use of a sword and dagger for close combat. The Ranger is also a master with various traps, making it both a formidable opponent on its own and a valued member of any group. Being skilled in both short and long range attacks combined with the ability to manipulate traps makes the Ranger able to adapt easily to nearly any situation. However, arrows and especially trap ingredients can become costly, making the Ranger one of the more expensive classes.

    The Mage

    A Mage, while incredibly powerful, can be exceptionally vulnerable. They are able to deal out terrifying, awe-inspiring levels of damage at range, while taking little in return. Mages have command over the elements, summoning raging fireballs and chains of the coldest ice to wreak havoc over ranks of the enemy. They can even speak to the shattered planet, calling forth roots to bind enemies in place.

    The mage comes equipped with cloth armor, and while not very resilient, it allows the caster the ability to move around the battlefield casting spells that slow and, in some cases, even stop their opponents in their tracks. This gives them the opportunity to unload with spells that deal immense amounts of damage to their opponents.

    The Sorcerer is a Daeva who follows the Star of Magic. They are able to freely wield the destructive power of the natural elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. A Sorcerer is a scholar at heart, evident by the spellbooks and orbs they normally carry with them. However, these items can be dangerous weapons in their hands as they help increase a Sorcerer’s power.

    The Spiritmaster is a Daeva born under the Star of Spirits, and is able to control spirits of Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind. It can call upon these spirits to attack directly, but it can also use indirect tactics such as borrowing the strength of the spirits to weaken an enemy or to inflict fear.

    The Priest

    Finally, the Priest is arguably the backbone of any successful group. Their ability to keep allies alive even in the direst of circumstances cannot be underestimated, and Priests can be absolutely vital in ensuring groups survive against the most pressing challenges in Atreia. Who would go into battle without a trustworthy Priest by their side?

    However, do not mistake the Priest’s ability to heal for a lack of offense. While their offensive spells and melee attacks each may lack compared to other classes, the combination of the two and the ability to heal make the Priest a resilient and effective combatant.

    The Chanter can be explained in two words: commandment and conviction. It rigorously trains the body and mind to become skillful in healing, attacking, and enhancement magic. In addition to its magical abilities, it also possesses exceptional skills involving the use of the staff. The chanter uses mantra magic to inspire the morale of allies, and since it can strengthen abilities, it is the gathering center during battle.

    The Cleric is a Daeva who follows the Star of Healing. It uses magic power to strengthen the body and to heal injuries. It can also restore life by using a revival spell when a Daeva’s soul and body are separated. In addition to supporting its allies, it is also capable of wielding a mace and shield when a melee battle occurs.