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    • ok since i recently came bk to aion and i decided playing sm again after 4 years ,i want write a bit about changes that happened.

      bk in 4.0 -4.3 when i was playing sm a ma set was required and having high ma to counter 2850+mr clerics. cuse that was the meta back then. after that some changes regarding mr happend and now most clerics run around in hp/mr sets. Ofc the top tier clerics got also a MR set which reaches i guess over 2.9k mr not to say templars and so on, but chances meeting them is not so high.

      *another thing a SM full ma can only dispell and fear...the dmg he does is low ..basicly u hit with peanuts...

      *now the point to this thread from what i tested, my main set is MB/hp, and in weapon i have socketed mb27/ma8. i reach around 4kmb/2.2-2.3kma (rank1 set , strife accs, feather , Makarna weapon fused with bm mythical) i can say that with these stats i resisted fear maybe 2 times out of 10-12 fears on most people i met.

      ofc i also have a spellbook full MA and x3 parts MA hp which i change in case i see cleric using FULL mr, but 90% encounters i meet clerics using HP mr...

      and last thing u can be TOP CC with max MA possible if ur group dont have enough dps to kill targets while they are feared , u re Fear is i sugest switch to DPS set and kill focused targets/ clerics cuse like i say if u FEAR and target is not dead...ur Fear only wins some seconds nothing else.

      if u want my advice... a cheap way of gearing a spiritmaster is having for example a FULL MA hp set for group pvp, and a Mb set for solo pvp or when needed, u can ofc alternate spellbook full ma with ur ma set and orb wiht ur mb set if u lucky to drop them. Going full composite mb/ma is usless and expensive. if u u go FULL set mb/ma and weapon mb/ma u reach around 4k +mb/2.550~ ma so still u wont be able to fear a FULL mr cleric. so cheapest and easyest way to go is MA set and MB set. Not to say MB hp or Ma HP is best to go cuse the more hp u have the easyer its for cleric to keep u alive.

      Stats for solo pvp i suges 2.2-2.3k ma and rest Most mb u can get.
      for group pvp i sugest 2.7k + - 2.9ma would be nice.

      its my opinion only....hope i clarifyed some things.

      "We create our own demons..."

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    • what i use is set with mb/ma and 1 part ma/mb with main weapon mb/ma (PS if u use candy u'd reach ~2650ma like that without the vision)
      2nd hand fully ma double vasharti 6slotted rentus jsut for cc purposes for full mr clers (in this case u go on slightly more than 2800 and 3k under vision)
      now unfortunately i'm lazy otherwise i'd recomend to have a set with HP/ma slotted set so u can outlive the burst of the uber groups coz even with vision u'd be dead in few moments sometimes :)
      in any case most fights seems to be decided by how much your accessories are enchanted ;) (group fights i mean)
      coz for solo 1v1 raw stats are more effective
    • I know tore u can reach decent stats with 1 set only but now make a math how much it cost to socket for example 1 set FULL mb 27 hp47 which cost under 10kk per manstone and how much it cost via mb 72 ma 7 :) which cost 20-30kk per 1 ;)
      I wrote an cheaper alternative.

      Also 2.3k ma or 2.5k is not big difference for MR freaks u need 2,8k +, not many got vision for example. And that extra HP from mb hp composite helps more in grp pvp :) , u survive a bit more and its easyer for cleric to heal u :) i got on sm with cleric buff 15k hp :)

      if u go 1 set u can for example go like u say or even FULL mb 27 ma 8 for example and just change weapons 1 spellbook full ma 16, and 1 orb full mb. and still u will be at around 2.7-2.8k ma.

      But i guess the best and cheapest way is mb hp set and ma hp set :)

      its just my opinion/advice how people want :)
      "We create our own demons..."
    • Well considering the enchanting i'd say it is about the same price. I dont have full vision build either , still missing cyclone of wrath, but i use wall instead for group pvp so i get the vision too :)