All kind of things ;)

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    • All kind of things ;)

      Youtuber name:
      Youtube channel link:
      Server and Faction:
      Deyla // Elyos
      Video content type:
      All kind of stuff (mostly pve / tips ) - runs of current end game content, not so much end game instances with some hints/tips/guides , weird runs of instances for artificially increasing the difficulty of the game :) , tips and tricks i know about the classes i play with
      Uploading new videos every:
      Usually when i feel like it, but i'll try to keep up with 2 per month (or more if i get asked for something specific)
      Something about myself:
      I try to keep some decent level of playing with each of my classes and analyzing every bit of info i see in the game. Trying to help as many ppl as i can with what they're doing wrong, even tho most of the time i end up getting flamed for it.

      PS. if any1 has any questions at all about the game and wants explanation how to do and why i am doing it the way i do it, feel free to write on any of my videos or may be PM here on the forum :) (as for the ely from deyla can just write to me ingame :P , i'd be happy to help anyway i can if i'm free )

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