Cannot start AION under Windows 10

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    • Cannot start AION under Windows 10

      Hello there..please help me with that issue..I cannot start AION since i upgrade my windows 8.1 to windows 10 yesterday.. After the update i tried several solutions without success..I already uninstall the whole game and install it again under windows 10 and still cannot start it..I start the GF launcher..then i start NCSoft launcher..and when i hit PLAY to start the game loading nothing happens..just cannot load the game..there are no errors or something..please help..where can be the problem???? :pinch:
    • Click wrote:

      [NICK]carbonmonoxide wrote:

      i managed to launch the game thx to GF support:
      "Please locate the NCLauncher.exe, usually found at C:\Program files\GameforgeLive\Games\[Your language, for example: GBR_eng]\AION\NCLauncher.exe. Right click it and choose “Create shortcut”. Copy this shortcut to your Desktop. Right click it again and go to the Properties. There, under Shortcut, you will find Target. Add the following at the end of what is already inside that window: /LauncherID:"GameForge" /CompanyID:"11" /GameID:"AION-LIVE" /LUpdateAddr:""
    • Weird. Are you sure you added ALL parameters at the end of the path in the target box?

      Go to computer settings -> security -> Windows Defender and disable it, then try again.

      If that doesn't work, enable it again to launch the game.

      Try to start GFLive Launcher as Administrator (right click -> run as Administrator).
    • Nope..nothing..i already try everything turn off/on the as admin..about the target..after .exe we have empty space and then add the text line you give me right? nothing at all :O im confused..already 15h trying to launch the game and no success.. :(((( any other idea? The game is in D: but i dont think this can be a problem!?
    • Well then contact support and ask them for further help, maybe they have some more tips and tricks.
      But tell them in the initial ticket what you've tried already and link them this topic, else they start with you from zero and you wait even longer...

      After update to Windows 10, did you reinstall all your drivers (especially chipset and graphic card)?

      Also check, if you have the latest .Net Framework installed.

      Other than that I'm out of ideas..
    • AION does not support Windows 10.

      Note to people waitting to jump and say how wrong I am:

      Starting and playing AION under windows 10 does not equal "AION supports windows 10" .
      I had no reason to come to this age. I'm not an ally to anyone. I'm not an enemy to anyone. But still, if an age is about to end right now... I might awaken once again.
    • i know i know..i already read all google results aion+windows 10 believe me..since i have original 8.1 win i decide to try 10 a lot of ppl said is much better than just mad because my phone die internet die also..and aion die with them..i just update without reading that AION cannot run on windows 10..anyway a lot of ppl play on win i can also..i will try reinstall the drivers and if not i make new install of windows 10..this time with pirate copy..and install the game again..and if not running again..install win 8.1 again pirate copy and install the game..finish :O
    • Who said Aion runs much better on windows 10 than windows 8 or windows 7?
      I had no reason to come to this age. I'm not an ally to anyone. I'm not an enemy to anyone. But still, if an age is about to end right now... I might awaken once again.
    • I already try to put directx9c but the windows did not let me to install it.. :( i will put new clean copy of win10..this is my first upgrade of OS and i regret :( About how AION run on different OS i didnt speaking about the game but the OS :O and yes windows 10 run smoother and better than 8/8.1 for sure..
    • I upgraded 2 PC to Windows 10 and 1 (of those 2) I clean installed with Windows 10 cuz of some problems with Windows itself after upgrade.

      On both PCs aion is running fine and smooth.
      I didn't have any launcher problems, etc.

      I'm not using steam, so I can't tell you how the aion + steam combo is working.

      I'd say if you don't know what you are doing, let someone upgrade / install your PC who knows what he is doing.

      No need to be afraid about Windows 10 what so ever, it's a great OS, better than Windows 7 by far (if you set it up and configure it correctly).
    • I have started the download for the update. Backed up all my user files first. Do not want to lose all my precious screenshots that were gathered over the years. Can roll back to 7 if needed so will give it a try.

      The only thing I worry about is not getting into game, hehehe such a sad person. 4 years... uhm I am addicted. People tell me there is a real life out there.

      Edit: All updated and no problem with bringing up launcher or getting into game.

      ]iajkur did you get your problem fixed?

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    • I had have similar problem: after click "start the game" I was seen the aion logo in circle graphic and then .... then aion turnef off.
      And I have been suggested to TURN OFF THE BLUETOOTH IN LAPTOP.
      and guess what? - this solution works ! - now AION turn on easy and without any problems ;/
      so please try this strange thing...hope this will help you also.