Bard's dmg in PvP

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    • Bard's dmg in PvP

      I'm curious how bard can hit someone with over 9k (disharmony crit) when not even chanter in his group...
      To clear some things:
      bard Vs bard - one of them with full +13 rank1 gear, 4-star acc+4, 200 elemenatals 1.9k msupp and no msupp debuffs on me, i received from another bard in runatorium over 9k crit dmg 2 times. Most funny thing is: with my 4,5k MB and those acc i'm hitting glads (without msupp armor,shield or defense prep) which are like papper against mag dmg - max 7,6k, so if that skill isn't random dmg i guess my opponent in runatorium should have +20 acc or even more to hit another cloth like this. And yeah i noticed situations how i was moving while i used disharmony or i received it. I wasn't running forward when i received dmg but opponent bard was, so we can add +10% extra dmg. When i hit that glady with disharmony he was running away and i followed him, so it should be over 20% more dmg. If someone has idea how is it possible let me know here.
    • Did you pre-buff yourself with the bard's buff that increases all magic damage by 15%?

      Just full buff yourself before bursting.
      I had no reason to come to this age. I'm not an ally to anyone. I'm not an enemy to anyone. But still, if an age is about to end right now... I might awaken once again.
    • Ofc i did, it's basic stuff, Just look difference between dmg, glad has no elementals except scrolls but he didn't use it ,I have 100 basic + 100 from melody of joy, so it's like 20% reduction dmg and still 9k dmg on me?
    • Weird damages in this game isnt new. With full msup set (3.2k msup without stigma, im gladiator, hello) i got Call of Lightning of 6k NO crit from a cleric from Loki without Amplification. I test the damage of Call of Lightning with a cleric of my own server with +5 rank 1 aug acces and full mb set with grendal +15/5 best stats and he made 4k crit on me the 6 times we test it, even with the vision stigma he was not able to get 6k crit ^^

      With the bards are kinda same... i found bards with normal equip (+5 acces, +15/17 weapon etc) and in full msup theyre making 4-6k crit with some skills (Wind Harmony or w/e is that damage skill who increase damage of whole group), then i can meet another people without equipment (strife acces +0, +10 weapon, not even full mb set) who are making almost the same damage (3-5k). And then i find people who i dont know their gear who are hitting me with 7-10k totally free on my 3.2k msup without reducing it with the debuff :D
    • Bard should get a buff anyway.

      *Sees 5.0 bard*

      I had no reason to come to this age. I'm not an ally to anyone. I'm not an enemy to anyone. But still, if an age is about to end right now... I might awaken once again.
    • Sebivine wrote:

      Are you seriously unhappy with doing 7.6k dmg with instant skills?

      If you have only 1900msupp and the bard has close to 4800mb then he's doing capped dmg on you anyway. Maybe he's running forward while doing the skill = dmg higher than standing still

      Who said i'm unhappy? I just want to know how is it possible. I don't think so you can have 4,8k MB without chanter and about rest you should read what i wrote in first post about moving, so basically your post is worthless.
      Please, stop posting tips like "you don't know your opponent's manastones", "you didn't use selfbuffs to increase dmg" and etc. Those things are basic knowledge which most of ppl know. When i asked about help i ment something like pvp base dmg on certain skills, because like we know some of skills have bigger dmg in pvp than description says. My point is maybe those skills are much stronger even if you upgrade your acc only +1 stage more. At this moment is 1 explenation for me since i compared rest skills dmg and all were nearly same as mine except disharmony.

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