CloakAndDapper's Aion Stream, returnee from release.

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    • CloakAndDapper's Aion Stream, returnee from release.

      Streamer name: CloakAndDapper

      Stream link:

      Server and Faction: Deyla EU - Elyos Faction

      Stream type: Friendly, Talkative to viewers, PvEvP, Q+A and Giveaways @ Follower Goals.

      Streaming: Monday to Friday 12pm Lunch till Early Morning BST / GMT + Sunday 12pm till 6pm

      Something about myself: My name's James, 29 from the north of London - Great Britain. Aiming to stream full time w/ a goal to become partnered. Been streaming for 4 years now, I used to be a autism awareness streamer but due to slow growth and fed up of trolls I finally made the decision to re-brand and start from the beginning again. I stream mostly on my main character Assassin who is level 65, but I am still learning the class, so go easy on me :thumbup: I am very talkative with viewers, and am willing to answer questions that I know the answer to.

      Hope to see you guys in stream !