Aion Mods

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    I am aware that modification of game files is forbidden and punished by long term and permanent ban.

    With that out of the way, let's get into the suggestion.

    The whole discussion and idea came from a Tumblr conversation, where basically, a friend of mine made an argument that voice packs are allowed, and thus implied that other non-gameplay-altering modifications could possibly be allowed aswell, such as emotes and UI re-skins. censored

    The main reason why voice packs are allowed and rogue file modification is forbidden is that one of them is approved and tested, while the other is unauthorized fiddling that could lead to unfair gameplay advantages over others in game (basically, hacking).

    My suggestion is: If the mod is created with no malicious intent, if it does not affect a players chances over another one in pvp, pve or any other competitive content and serves for cosmetic and non-gameplay purposes onlsc will it be possible for the modder to recieve approval of the mod from Gameforge and NCsoft by sending the modded files to them for testing and de-bugging before publishing it? If it is established that the modder has no right to claim rights or recognition for his creation, can the mod serve as a mere suggestion to NSsoft?

    For example, my jimmies are censored at the wing animations, their structure and how NCsoft seems to give 0 effs that a game about flying with wings has such shitty wings. To understand why i am so angry at this issue, please take a look at the lower half of this article right here (there's lots of pictures and slow-motion videos, don't worry)
    It would take me a whole essay and maybe half a book to list the reasons why the wings in Aion are so bad, how to fix them and why it is so important to fix them, but a mod where i'd give a complete version of what i consider a fix would deliver the message in a much more comprehensive and easy way.

    Another example would be a mod that replaces the pixelated textures in older maps and adds non-interactive details such as grass and twigs.

    Other minor mods that don't interfere with gameplay:
    • Giving asmodians their claws back, but prettier this time
    • Adding pants/shorts/leggings to female chain armors (#triggered)
    • Adding a distinct feature to elyos to differentiate them from humans and asmodians (like wing-shaped ears or something... i dunno...)

    Things that i consider inapropriate to mod for different reasons:
    • Nude/sexy/skimpy mods
    • User interface
    • On-screen popup messages and full-screen skill/debuff effects
    • Skin swaps (and any other file swapping)
    • Adding tangible objects into maps (things that can be used to step on)
    • Removing things from anywhere without an exact substitution (basically, creating doorways to places where players aren't supposed to go, even if that space isn't being used in any way by the gaming process)
    • Porting from other games

    On the other hand, there is an issue that all modders should consider. Everything in the game has been created by people who might have put their soul into the thing they were working on (regardless of how bad it turned out in the end) and that by trying to change or mutilate what they have created, the modders may very well be offending those individuals.

    In conclusion, modding is a very touchy topic that could either make the game better or completely destroy it. That's why, since there are already exceptions in the rules, i suggest that the rules regarding the alteration of game code should be revised to clearly specify the kinds of modifications that are allowed to use and those that are forbidden, while also specifying the process in which the mods are approved and/or implemented.

    Censored due to links containing modding discussions - Kabraxis