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    • Chanter is one of those classes where you better get multiple sets.

      1. Offensive
      Attack stones -> Increases your damage
      Crit strike stones -> Increases your chance to do a critical hit (High damage)
      Accuracy stones -> Increases your chances to land your hits
      Chanters count a lot on debuffs and stuns though. So socketing "Magical Accuracy" can also help with those.

      Because you need 4 stats I advise you to get composites stones with a focus on Attack, Crit strike and Magical accuracy. Accuracy is also important but you'll not get blocks/dodges often against most people. And if they are wearing a full block/evasion set. Having some accuracy from composites might not be enough anyway. (Having a few extra parts with Accuracy which you can switch to when fighting Block set clerics can be a nice fallback)

      2. Defensive

      A) Magic resist set.
      Full out Magic resist +16 stones and accesories with the most magic suppression and magic resist that you can get your hands on.

      B) Block set.
      Full block +29 socketed. Note that you'd have to probably get the cleric version of gear to get block and not Parry. Except for the shield, you can take the Templar/Chanter version as it gives physical stats and higher block usually.
    • Well, basicly, for pvp macc/crit is your build, stack crit till 1k unbuffed and then macc. Ofc. compos works really good, but, well, kinda expensive stuff :D This build is for DPS...or...well, playing with DPS stigmas :)

      On the other hand, MR is awesome for group PvP, ofc, you will get hit by sorcs or SMs or good bards, but still worth it :) I have 2,8k MR now and it is lovely :3 ofc, I could get more, but I am not rich enough to get proper accs :D

      Block set is is good...but...good PvPers has accs sets which will bring them to 4k acc, so...but, still I would recommend it for start - BM cler version is good :) after that focus on getting AP gear to socket MR to it :)

      Also, these new manastones are for chanters really good...but, still, they are damn expensive (those worth using are +4/5 and higher)
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    • Oh damn, forgot :D I was reading stuff around 5.1 - 5.3 today and forgot that we have 5.0xy :D Well, u can...ehm...use AC set in PvP, since it gives some PvP stats but :D yeah :D my bad senpai :D
      "Friend in need is friend indeed."

      :thumbsup: Slovakia FTW :thumbsup:

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