"Buying Aion Coins, message me"

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    • "Buying Aion Coins, message me"

      Good day.

      Although not particularly new, I'm also not very active and tend to keep to myself most of the time and so I'm not in with the trends the hip kids follow.

      I noticed that quite often in LFG I see people saying things like "Buying Aion Coins". I was wondering how users actually go about doing that, because as far as I know AC is AB. (account bound.... I was trying to sound cool *shrug*)

      Furthermore I was wondering if it's allowed (and of course I don't expect people to explain how it's done if it's against TOS) or should I be screencapping and reporting people doing it? I'm assuming it's a risky process in any case.

      Cheers in advance for a response!
    • It is just an inaccurate/incorrect expression for what is really going on. Nobody ever really buys aion coins from anyone else, what they really mean is "buying stuff that can be bought with aion coins".

      If the item they want can be traded, the seller only needs to buy the item (with his own aion coins) and then trade the item to the buyer in exchange for kinah (no risk except maybe that the seller obtains it from the cash shop and then suddenly the buyer doesn't want it anymore....)

      If the item cannot be traded the seller needs to buy the item "as a gift" so that the cash shop sends the item directly to the buyer. This of course will be risky for one of the two people, depending on who does his part of the transaction first. As far as I know the buyer will most likely have to give the kinah first, because probably no seller will agree to spend his coins without having gotten the kinah beforehand.
    • There's a gift function in shop that lets you send any item from the shop to a person in your friends list for a limit of 3 times per day (in total. You can send / gift a maximum of 3 items per day).

      This way players can sell / buy Aion Shop items with ingame currency Kinah.

      There's also loads of items that are tradeable in the shop, which can be sold on broker / private shop.

      I wouldn't buy / sell untradeable items to players I don't know. Never trust :)

      Edit - some1 was faster :alol: