Kegi Cleric/Glad

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    • Kegi Cleric/Glad

      Youtuber name: Kegi

      Youtube channel link:

      Server and Faction: Antriksha - Elyos

      Video content type: Funny stuff, PvP highlights, small tutorials.

      Uploading new videos every: When I can find the free time. Mostly on the weekends though.

      Streamer name: Kegi

      Stream link:

      Server and Faction: Antrtiksha - Elyos

      Stream type: Pretty much everything from chill pve to intense pvp.

      Streaming: Mostly weekends, sometimes on the week when I have the free time. On the week it varies a lot cause of long work hours and my hobbies.

      Something about myself:
      I'm Teuvo from Finland and I'm 29 years old. Ppl probably know me better as kegi or "shiny forehead" (don't ask, long story :D) and you might have seen me trolling and stalking other aion streams. I've been playing cleric for 5 years and glad as an alt for few years now. I have streamed Aion about 3 years just for the fun of it. The streams purpose is to be entertaining and to have fun. So grab a beer and join us for some glory fun or just some chill pve.

      Few years ago I joined PvPAllDay and started helping other streamers to improve their content. I still believe it's important to watch different content from many sources to fully learn the game. There's no one above the other, you just have to pick those little pieces from the other ppl and put those little pieces together to control your class perfectly.

      You can contact me on FB and stalk my music on LastFM.