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      Hey people,

      I played Aion for 3 years starting from it's launch days. Recently got hit with nostalgia and seeing the servers still active made me want to give it another go. I used to play a Sin & Cleric but didn't want to start with something I know.

      Been lvling with a Chanter and Bard but got bored of both around lv 45. I have to say the Chanter is really fun to grind with but can't believe it's still in need of a buff. The reason I left off the Bard is because where ever I look there's another bard. I might keep going with the bard if I can't find a replacement though.

      What is needed most in parties these days? Can outright DPS classes find parties easily? Should I return to my Cleric? I have interested in playing a SM but no idea what I'll do later on in instance parties or PvP.

      Any suggestions?

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    • Welcome back to the game :D

      As you can guess, healing clerics are always needed, both for pve and pvp

      I stood with patch 5.0 at the decision which to level, sin cleric or sm as this is rather alt-unfriendly, and settled for the assassin for now.
      I will though level the cleric besides it, simply to have one at hand in case I can't find

      Regarding spiritmaster in pve, it's most likely used as a debuffer (but tbh I never pve'ed much with my SM - I am quite old school and consider it rather as a debuff/cc class and not that much of a DPS class even other SMs are constantly proving me wrong by outDPSing other classes by far)
      In PvP it will mostly be about fear - and be prepared to be first target.

      In the end it doesn't matter though, what's usefull or needed is not necessarily what you will like the most - so go with that maybe :D
    • Bard, SM, Cler, etc magic-based classes can farm and grind much easier due to the nature of the gameplay. Bards having the lowest downtime being a walking hp/mp battery. However, the least popular classes atm seem to be chanters and AT despite being fun classes. I literally can count maybe 1-3 good ATs and Chanters on my server max and they are always hard to come around. So if you pick one of these and they shine the brightest in pvp as well, I think you might be happy. Chanters are always wanted now as a secondary healer on sup spec in pve, and everywhere else as well due to their toolkit.
      Put the money where your mouth is.