How to get lvl 68 gunner over 3900 MBoost?

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    • How to get lvl 68 gunner over 3900 MBoost?

      What i have now:
      Full Rank 1 Ethernal PVP set +13, 2 Rank 1 pistols +13, rank 1 fused cannon +13
      Strife Jewels
      +15 Angry Hyperion Pistol
      +2 Mad Grendal pistol (off hand)
      +10 Angry Hyperion armor
      +10 Angry Hyperion breeches
      +5-6 Brigade General boots, shoulders, gloves
      +10 Feather Magic Boost
      CP Knowledge +15
      All items are socketed with MBoost +27 manastones (mixed composite ones and normal ones)
      What i have to do to improve and increase MBoost and my DPS ...
      Currently i have 3905 only with food...

      Thx in advance for your advices :) :thumbsup:
    • Definitely the mythical Idian will be a boost of 100 mb along with macc and crit spell, you can bless your set to "enhanced hyperion". You can also just ditch that set and get the new AC Myth set than farming the kunax pieces for 10 years. Buy the corundrum accessories set as they have marginally higher stats for pve. Change your weapons to pve weapons. What is your cannon's base weapon that you fused the r1 into?
      Put the money where your mouth is.
    • Now i am working on AC Rune Hero set, first weapons then rest. This week i'll be ready with the main hand pistol. Also mantor 10 times, jb, rtr... R1 cannon is fused with Mad Grendal Cannon (6 manastones slots from event before 5.0) . R1 on top.