Atreia tree school event - Deyla elyos

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    • Atreia tree school event - Deyla elyos

      Hello everyone... Here are few things to say about atreia tree school event, how's it working on Deyla-Elyos side.

      First day of event, I've decided to help the faction the way I gather the seeds and upgrade the trees so whole faction has a chance for better rewards, many people helped aswell by gathering on lfg or inside of their legions. I don t mind spending my time just shouting on lfg for seeds, standing in sanctum square so people can trade me seeds easier etc. instead of doing something that can help me, like leveling etc.

      People accepted it well and sent me a lot seeds, we've upgraded some trees in really short time and I'd like to thank all these people and hope we keep up the good work :thumbup:

      Anyway there's one more thing I'd like to point out , the thing that the person which is upgrading the trees doesn t rlly get anything , reward is ten drana coffes and title "friend of magic tree" for 7 days which isn t something special at all. I've been called greedy and that I wasn t telling others about the rewards and that I keep them all for me(even tho I posted on lfg every time I got something). Some of the people started spamming my mailbox with damaged items, power shards x1 etc just in order to prevent others to send me mails, provoke and don t let the faction succed because they are not in charge. Afterall I'd just like to tell these people that nobody forces you to send the seeds and help the faction if you do not want to, nobody asked for your items so watch ur business and stop making the faction fail because of your personal issues with somebody. Hope sooner or later people will realize who's actually trying to help faction and make it better and who cares only for their own profit.

      Btw I'm Kroata ingame :D Sorry for my Engrish haha and thanks again
    • The sad part is that the people are actually buying those seeds. They are also blaming Kroata as if he had an ulterior motive as if the rewards for handing in the seeds were ground-breaking. It's so sad. Whilst the asmo-side seem to be handling things much better with some brain and not being illiterate and reading the events news. Gogo Kroata!
      Put the money where your mouth is.