please give me god mode for a day

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    • please give me god mode for a day

      As subject says... please mr gameforge give me god mode for a day

      I do not need any rewards of AP, XP or anything else. Just the satisfaction of revenge

      Want to go to Asmo maps and hunt down and kill all those on my growing hit list.

      lol I know it will never happen but after being killed so many times it is the top wish on my Christmas list.
    • Kinda reminds me of the "old days" where it sometimes wasn't possible to even set a foot out of Alsig Village/Hoarfrost Shelter without being killed over and over again by level 30/50 Sin twinks...

      Oh the Battles for these places where epic back then ^^
      A great Journey is not about its destination, its about the road you take to get there...
    • Yes I remember that well, I was an asmo on anuhart when I first started the game. To make it worse there was a safe zone beside the camp where elyos would sit waiting. Many quests took days to finish.

      In the 66 zones it feels like there are rifts every 5 mins, I it is longer between rifts but it seems every time one load of enemy is finally sent home another load come. Must be the same for both sides.

      I am not a pvp person my experience is.. get stunned/silenced/put to sleep, dead. Really I am more interested in getting quests done then spending half a day or more chasing after enemies. Although I think many people love it.

      What are other peoples opinions? have they got the balance right?
    • being a 1.5 born asmodian, I experienced all that alsig/hoarfrost camping aswell, we had back then sin and ranger twinks on ely side with chaos items like 3 months after the server opened... fully decked and financed by their mains

      eventually you get used to getting ganked and later on I rerolled from cleric to sin - and started hunting in heiron :D good old days, where you could make your officer quest there, worked till 2.5, in 3.x I finished officer quest on sorc in ing :D

      when you choose aion, it tells you PvPvE - for a long time it was not possible to evade PvP at all, but in times of soloinstances and rookie server, those that aren't interested in PvP at all can't really complain - if you still complain, you have chosen the wrong game from the beginning
    • oh. I am sure not complaining about the pvp, it was never meant to sound as a complaint. When I say I have never had any intrest in the pvp side of it I meant that I was unable to judge whether the pvp activity now is good for people that like it or if it is too much. Even the pvp people need to do quests to level and kill things to get new gear.. I think.

      My first post was just a frustration of being under geared and under skilled at pvp. I would need god mode. I am sure even the people that do pvp a lot will have a hit list, probably a few SMs at the top of it.
    • Don't get me wrong, I understand you
      I usually go do my quests in the early morning hours as less interruptions,m but if I don't have really time to also get engaged into pvp, I switch zone
      (one of the reasons why my questlog is always exploding)

      just a small history lesson
      back then, when people complained too much bout getting ganked by +10 twinks and not being able to level (1.5-2.5 times), NC implemented a rift debuff - means you were not able to kill anything when you went through (I have spent a lot of time afk in morheim sitting around - checking a skill log that was full of dodges and resists) - this ended at some point with noone rifting at all anymore, later on a removel of the rift buff and only very limited rifts (also was one of the reasons why we didn't have 65 rifting in the lowlevel zones for a long time)

      open world pvp is a huge part of the game, even if it is disturbing during leveling, it belongs here
      rage, and move on, kill them when you find them later on :D
    • If you're not able to defeat enemies on your own - consider "git gud".
      inb4 - You're not my trainer to say so. - Get yourself some friends that will do dirty work for you.
      In world pvp it's either solo, or being zerged to death. Usual stuff that happens to me.
      Simple math 1<2 if both are geared. Can't kill a guy? Get yourself 2-3 people and kill him. Or cry into LFG for that( at 7am Friday Great General came down to me in Signia just to kill me for spawncamping in New Start Legion Outpost:D ).
      Most of time's if you have advantage in numbers = advantage in pvp. Unless they have some AoE disables, heals etc.

      As cleric i often run into 2-3 people and because they either bad, or less geared than me(i have strife+10), 60% of times i get out of it last man standing, due heals, barrier,totems etc.
      - Just because you’re trash doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. It’s called garbage can, not garbage cannot.