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    • [Elyos] LF Active Legion


      I've recently got some time on my hands and I am having trouble finding a friendly active legion in this game, which is a bit strange but if you are interested in having a loyal friend added to your crew you can count me in. I m currently level 40 and counting playing on Elyos side on Hellion if anybody that reads this is interested please don't hesitate to make contact my name in game is Kalisys or u can always msg me here.

      aaa... arrrr.... argghhh.... what to say... :cookieshugo:
    • 1st this is the wrong forum section to write in
      you need to write this here:
      Hellion / players lf legions

      And 2nd trying to search for legion at 40 is a bit ..hm dunno what to say. I mean the game currently is made in such a way that leveling on low lvl is pretty fast and no1 is searching for ppl less than lv 65. The only legions that are recruiting lower levels are either friends inviting friends & alts or legions focused on having the 5/10% xp legion buff.