Need an opinion on classes.

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    • Need an opinion on classes.

      To get straight to the point, atm I main a ranger which I want to abandon and start a new class.
      Either sin or glad, since I like my class to be dps and physical one (I don't like casters).

      Judging by how Aion will become in the future, with new gear, xforms, 1v1 arena, new pvp instances, skill changes, etc... which class will be better in all forms of pvp (1v1 and group pvp) between ranger, sin and glad?
      (ofc I mean with equal gear, skill, ping, etc... all that jazz)

      Just an opinion... it's all I want :)
    • Yes, I know the thread. I've already read it.
      But I'm more interested to know which of the three mentioned classes will be viable for the future of Aion.
      To make this easier, let's start with you guys giving answers to these questions:
      1) How Ranger does in group PvP comparative to Sin? Is one more viable than the other?
      I feel ranger has more cc but sin does more damage.
      2) Glad is good in group pvp but in 1v1 with the coming of 5.1? ...The new upgrade to wall of steel is nice, 1000 msupp vs. casters is quite good. The upgraded skill that gives leap is nice too.
      3) Sin becomes easier to play with 5.1? I'm not 100% sure but I think pvp extends will be added.
      Also new ambush gives 30% movement speed for 5 sec (if I'm correct). This is very good for closing gaps.
      Ofc, sin will always take skill to master. Doing his cc train flawlessly takes practice... but at least it will catch kiters better right?!
      4) Do you think Rangers are loosing power in the future? ...based on these changes.
      ...also dunno how much new xforms will affect pvp. The meta will shift and it is yet to be seen in which direction.