Ranger Asking for advice

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    • Ranger Asking for advice

      Hello guys

      This will be my first post on an AIon Fourm, I usually dont post as I just read around, but there is very little information on what I wish to know that I can find online based on Gameforge servers.

      Now, Ive played aion since release but Stopped playing around 3.5 and when I played I mostly Twinked at 50 and 55. Now I want to play at max level and Leveled up my ranger to 66. but I have no clue what is going on.. The whole system is different. I figured out some of it over the last 2 days but Im still pretty mind blown and cant wait to fully understand and have a goal in mind.

      The reason I dont have a goal in mind is because I dont know what Is good to try and get. Id like to know what PvP bow I should Aim for. what is the best bow available at this time? Is there an easy to get decent bow to use in the mean time? then the same questions for the Armour and Accessories of course. I also dont mind farming a PvP and PvE set since Everything is new to me And Id like to experience the whole game.

      At this time Im using: GBG Accs
      50e +15 blue mana stones
      Rune tribe bow +5 fused with a 65 PvP bow - blue mana stones

      I know this is terrible for my level! thats why Im here! :P. Im looking forward to hear from you guys.

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    • mythic rune tribe +10 fused with mythic bm is more than enough. I mean weap.
      Set - 65 ap is still actual. Also can try arena set, its almost the same as ap set.
      Accessories - nuff to advise here. p2w is on apogee, as i told in another thread. If u want just "to exist" - strife accessories +0. If u want to fight decent ppl - runatorium accessories +5 or wait for 5.3 and try to take new accessories and the same +5.
      Wings: Atreia wings +15 is more than enough (i burnt x21 pairs,so maybe the cost these 300-500kk, depends on server). The best atm: ap wings for 1st rank +15, but very expensive (about 1.3-1.7kkk). About rest kinds of wings - forget it.
      Feather: +10 attack (400-450kk). If u want more, make it gold Attack/Crit and try to enchant till +5+6+7. Feather doesnt burn btw. Simple feather - only fails, but stay at the same lvl. Gold feather - goes down to +0 (leaves gold, will not become simple again). But gold feather is more expensive (1.5kkk+, even proly 2kkk+).
      If u want something else, pm me or in-game /Desperation (antriksha)
    • I agree with the above post.

      Mythical Rune Tribe +10 and full +5 accuracy and with +5 power. Easy and really nice until lvl 75. If you go for perfection, Apollon's set but the weapon to craft with the actual prices is ~4billion kinah only the mats. The weapon that you need to craft is unexistent, on Antri atleast, because nobody killed yet the last boss in Garden Of Knowledge.

      Accesories wise, runatorium accesories are really good. Perfection is Raging Apollon's accesories but perfection costs a lot of kinah and time.

      Just take in consideration enchantment success rate with with All-powerfull and Mighty supplements above +10 is 50-50%'ish. Basically if you want a full set +15, just prepare 2 sets +0, tons of supplements and tons of APES.

      Good luck!
    • with mythic bm is more than enough. I mean weap.

      I guess mythic crucible bow is easier to get compared to mythic bm. Unless you already have a lot of medals which I doubt here.

      There are quite a lot of good weapons, but it mainly depends on your level. In general open world drops or rune tribe can be used until 73+ just fine.

      Rune tribe bow +5 fused with a 65 PvP bow - blue mana stones

      If it's not mythic yet morph it - and +10 might be not too bad either here, unless you're broke and can't compensate it at all in a case of enchantment failure.
    • Thanks alot for the posts guys, it helps alot, I dont know where to find most of what you mentioned but now I have something to work with! Google is my friend ^_^. Ill put this info to good Use and start farming what I need as soon as I get home.

      and Desperation I'm not the kind of guy that just wants "to Exist" so Ill be going for the hard and expensive road. thank you!

      Last Questions!

      What should your stats be for 75?
      mine is-
      Attack: 1 080
      Acc: 3 100
      Crit: 1 200

      Buffed, food and scrolls activated. I guess this is bad, Id like to know what I should Aim for.

      And what do I spend my points on except Accuracy Ofc, Atm I'm 68 and Have 15 points on Acc but I haven't spent the other 20. dont know what to spend it on and I dont want to waist it

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    • Hey mate,

      not sure what stats for 75 :) Check this video It might be interesting for you and go vengar to make 3 minute test :) Now ...there are many combinations for weapons and accessories. For pvp my advice is - aim for arena bow for fuse and arena wings. For acc - farm (buy) rune tribe ones, they are better than rank 1. Spend medals for rank 1 +13 only or Arena gear if you have money/nerves to make them 10+. Keep your medals for 5.3 ...its pointless to spend a fortune of medals and ap right now. For pve Kata acc set is still good but hard to get. Go LoK for the campaigns, they are giving nice acc. Hidden chambers too. Soon there will be plenty of crafted acc (I hope) as the ones which folks can make at 60p are not bad (mythical ones). Pve gear - rune tribe. For a bow you already have rune tribe. Fuse it with arena and you are good to go :) If you have money you can make a second bow for pve only i.e. rune trube + adma but not sure what the difference will be ....check mouseclic for testing