Attack speed weapon

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    • Attack speed weapon

      Is it worth it to invest in that mythical BM attack speed weapon? I was planning on putting that under Rune Hero.
      I've seen some people say IT'S A MUST but I honestly don't get why - when a chanter uses wow (giving me 20% atk speed, the weapon gives 17%) I see my animations being slightly SLIGHTLY faster, but nowhere near enough to be considered a must have.
      How's it gonna impact my overall dps? Is it really worth it, or am I just better off using Crucible Conqueror as a combine - with its higher stats but no atk speed?
      If anyone can enlighten me, please do!
    • I can't play my SM without AS, I used to play with the Shaborkan gold 60 book in my fusion until the 5.1. Now I have the Rune + Mythic Diss. and play with it in PvE and PvP. It's useful to be fast enough to cover your Silence in PvP, and mandatory in PvE if you weave your Erosion. You really enjoy the bard DP2 with a basic 17/19% AS.

      I just don't understand why this is only 17%, versus 19% with gold/eternal lvl 60 and Mythic 80 weapons. Again designers at NCsoft are weird ._.
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    • Agreed. Attack speed on SM is still quite important both in PvE and PvP, considering the amount of instant skills you have.

      PvE wise, if you don't have the patience or if you don't wanna spend kinah in the conditioning cost, you might want to try to farm a 5+ slots TF orb. For sure you will loose some stats, but if you have a decent PvE set you can afford that loss.
      Soloing TF up to the "gravity boss" takes roughly 15 minutes nowadays.
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