Gear\Creation points

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    • [NICK]bazba1990 wrote:

      Ok first to tell hello. What u think abot rune tribe set for pve is that worth and what is your top bow now ? How u people spend your creation points . Thanks cya ingame... :thumbsup:

      I follow this person on youtube and a few months ago he posted a video 'Are you a good Ranger?'
      There's alot to learn from watching this video. You can check out in the video what the stats are of this ranger and also how he used his creation points.
      Also i think you mean you use the mythical rune tribe set correct? I currently use it on my chanter and its a good set to start with :)

      Reyzorr - Lv. 70 Gladiator - Hellion
      Gigglestick - Lv. 68 Chanter - Hellion