Need class...didn't play for a long long time

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    • Need class...didn't play for a long long time


      I've finally finished college so I have free time to play!

      I played Aion years ago when it was released where I got few classes to level 30 to get full Daeva set! 8) :D :love:
      It were:
      1. Cleric (which was fun cuz I am good healer from all the Guild Wars 1 practice; who knows monks and gvg they know what I am talking about)
      2. Assassin (which was both fun and depressing cuz of resist)
      3. Sorcerer (just got him so I can get piece of armor, I don't like spells)
      4. Chanter (they kept saying he was fun, but till level 30 and something I didn't see what was so fun? I got a feeling it just has 3-4 active skills, lots of passive skills, and heals)
      5. Gladiator (enjoyed it a lot, but now I am kinda doubting playing him cuz of all the armor sets he needs??)
      6. Ranger (cool class, but back at time I couldn't use all those movement/attack cancel "skills" which are crucial for ranger to be viable, at least that is what you say...jump shot and weaving were easy for me, but slide thing I never could do - maybe too low attack speed?)

      So yeah, I think my max level was Assassin at level 41 and back then it was veery slow leveling. I see new classes now, and lot of things have changed.

      For a class here are some things I am looking for:

      1. I don't like spells, so no mage class :thumbdown:
      2. I am not sure I would like 2 new classes cuz I wanna play fantasy (lotr/old mmorpg) classes, no robots and guns xD
      3. I need fun gameplay, not just spam 3-4 skills like I feel chanter was?
      4. I mostly enjoy physical classes (I think that leaves me to gladiator, ranger, assassin, templar)
      5. I do like support classes (so cleric and bard, well chanter is too but I told you my prob with him)
      6. I hated SM. So I want to make him Hell to play vs. me! :P :D
      7. I don't think I really wanna grind so much, do I really need so many different armor sets?? (cleric, gladiator, templar) because that kinda scares me to even play them :(

      There is also a matter how game balance is at the moment and how much classes have changed in all these years.
      Also, I think I will mostly play solo till high levels? How populated game is at lower-medium levels?

      p.s. I've decided to give this game a try cuz it has such great atmosphere, and most of today's popular games are p2w, p2progress, or casual nonsense (khm, gw2). I think Bless Online will be cool game (lineage 2/aion feeling which I like)