Art commissions - Hellion asmodian

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    • Art commissions - Hellion asmodian

      Hey guys~
      I'm looking for people interested in buying artworks for kinah (or items) on Hellion Asmodian or Deyla Elyos
      If you are interested in buying some, wanting to talk about forms of payment or anything else feel free to drop a letter in my mailbox on Benrith(hellion asmo or elyos deyla) or Parker (elyos deyla only)

      Thank you!

      Any more spiderman jokes and i'll die
    • Hmm intriguing , Could you make a drawing of my char, colored. My goal is to use the pic as youtube avatar.
      PS atm dont have much kinah to waste so please tell me if its possible to do, How much it would cost me, so i start gathering the kinah :D

      PS #2 could i see some of your work b4hand tho :D

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    • For anyone wondering alike above, is my art blog where you can find the stuff I draw.

      Commissions are usually private and I won't publish them unless the client asks me to do so.

      I strongly prefer to be mailed about commissions in-game, this would be a thread for reference rather ~

      Benrith or Parker @ Deyla E, Benrith @ Hellion A , mail me on here or tumblr

      thank you !
      Any more spiderman jokes and i'll die