sm manastone

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    • PVP: 5-10x knowledge+8/9 and rest = mboost+27/macc+8 composites
      There is no point of using plenty of lower stones cause profit decrese with each knowledge point and you will waste slots.

      PVE1 (farming/small mobs): All knowledge+4/+5
      Crit spell here is more important than high ammount of mboost, so +4/+5 stones are enough.
      Its even better get armour with skill buffs for farming with mboost cap.

      PVE2 (bosses): 5-10x knowledge+8/9 and rest mboost+28

      Thats are a dream stones ofc, my highest is knowledge+5, if your not rich, as me, you can do something like that:
      - Weapon PVE (RH+10) + PVP (Insignia of Honour with attack speed) with 6 x knowledge+6 stones, 2 x mboost+35, 4 x mboost/macc
      - PVP armour with Mboost+27/MAcc+8 composites
      - PVE1 armour (option 1) - RBHM with crit spell+9 and mboost+28 stones
      - PVE1 armour (option 2) - open world armour with good skills and knowledge+4/+5 stones
      - PVE2 armour (bosses) - any good armour full with mboost+28

      If you want more macc to land all fears on ppl you can also socket 2-5x accuracy+8/+9... or wait for 5.3 and socket macc+20 stones or... well, all depends what you want to do :)

      TLDR: few knowledge+5/+6 and rest composites