sm weapon and armor

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    • sm weapon and armor

      hello i start again my sm (i play in 4.8)
      i lvl up 67 lvl and i want ask for armor and weapon.
      i have abbys rank 1 65 lvl armor and weapon
      for pve i dont have nothing.
      I have 15 k ancient coin and 1 bil gold
      what is best option for weapon and armor for pvp and pve.???
    • Go straight for ancient coin set +10 , as for weapon doesnt rly matter if its spellbook or orb honestly , its up to your preference, as SM u have enough MA for everything so u dont need the extra MA from the spellbook so u can stick with orb. On the other hand i am way too used to spellbooks so i prefer playing with such coz of the auto attack option XD
      But my advice is 1st try to get +10 ac weap merged with arena one which u would be able to use for both pvp and pve , conditioning doesnt get wasted super fast so its pretty much fine. Later on u can jump on 74 or 77 weap with some level reduction on it and try to enchant it. If it succeed jsut keep your old weap as alrernative godstone weap and make the higher lvl into pvp as well.
      As for PvP armor my advice is dont touch it. You're fine till 5.3 and as for accesories if u are with Abyss u can may be stay with them and w8 for 5.3 ones, or go for +5 or higher RT ones which are good choice. For pvp you deffinetely need some spellbook with lots of MA builded in it coz there are some crazy mr clerics here and there, but besides that u'll be fine with any orb for dps if u prefer orbs.