What PvE set should i get for ranger in 5.1?

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    • What PvE set should i get for ranger in 5.1?

      Hello, last time i played aion it was 4.8 when kata set was the strongest for PvE. Now that i returned i saw that there are a lot of new sets that you can get. My question is: what is the actual best PvE gear for ranger in 5.1? and what decent gear do you suggest me to get for re-starting? (i still have runadium set) thank you.
    • You will still do good with runa (hopefully is 6slotted) but a decent starting gear into the new content is the morphed ancient coin gives nice offensive stats so u can also stay with it till later point. Kroban gear or from Gok would be some higher gear that u can go for altho difference with them is a bit more hp but no accu, no crit so i wouldnt say is better - more like equal. As for weapon again myth ac weap as starting , however on later point u can aim at 74/77 world drop weaps with nice skill and level reduction in them. Also the upgraded weaps from LoK and GoK are also posibility. Not mentioning the 80/83 world drop weaps coz they're so so rare that its like a myth and also 83 even with lvl reduction is gonan be super bad.

      PS. if u have fully sloted and enchanted runa my advice is to change just the bow and encahnt further your feather, may be make it into gold, get some new accesories from RT for example.