Aion Community lost a great spirit

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    • Aion Community lost a great spirit wrote:

      Rest in Peace Rheeza.

      On November 12th, 2016 his family, his friends, the world and the Aion gaming community lost a great spirit. One that helped drive the PvP scene in the NA Aion community as well as other region's communities through his gameplay, videos, and, most of all his personality. On behalf of the Aion Community, we offer our condolences to his family and those closest to him. Thank you for touching our hearts and motivating us to do keep doing our best.

      "Rheeza's videos were very significant in my drive to originally creating PvP All Day. I thank him for the work he put into his content and gameplay. It inspired myself and many others. I'm also honored to have had the pleasure of having him featured in one of my PvP videos earlier on, even though it was only for one scene. I've been working on a brand new release for the PvP All Day platform and will be dedicating the new website to Rheeza upon its release. Rest in peace man." - Vinlock