atk speed or cast speed?

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    • atk speed or cast speed?

      Hello there, i am a noob sm, i just want to start playing more hardcore my alter one.

      I know that sm benefits from having atk speed on the fuse weapon, but does it also uses gloves with atk speed? or full cast speed with only the weapon on atk speed?

      Thanks guys.
    • Always cast speed gloves, the one thing u might do is use temporary atk scrolls while in group pvp since u'd be casting mostly instant/fast cast spells. As you know (or may be u dont) fears pretty much like sleeps are not affected by casting speed. if it says 1.5s its 1.5 , if it says 2 its 2 and so on. I personally use atk speed scroll rly rly rare coz i dont rly have where to put in the bar otherwise its nice boost for fast rescrollign if u have good pc/ping to be swaping between them