The Future of PvP Events - feedback

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    • Nuke wrote:

      I'm just writing ideas, even the most complex ones could be coded by Ncsoft in my opinion (opening tia eye in a certain timeframe does not sound that hard). From my understeanding they were open for suggestions during the meet & greet with GF, so they may like the idea and use it for their own servers as well ;) It does not have to be one of mine, but something creative!
      Point is try to come up with new ideas and polish the current event with better distribution of rewards among the tiers

      Please don't get me wrong, I like your ideas. Keep bringing them up, I'll make sure they get to the right person. :)

    • I liked the idea of splitting the maps in time. My 1st guess was that last time it was too monotonous but I didn't attend the 1st edition of the event, so I can't really tell. What I didn't like was this specific order the maps have been put in.

      Silentera canyon is a great map and I enjoyed it the most of all 3. It usually has max. 2-3 ways for your opponents to flee and it was really funny to see them running through the middle of corridor, while I was hugging walls and choosing the shortest path to eventually catch them. Even getting sandwitched from 2 sides was funny at times. But all of that was possible only when the opposite faction wasn't camping the only exit from the spawn point with 2-3 alliances and 10 xforms ready to log in... This killed the fun.

      On the other hand akaron was too big and had too many open-spaced areas to be used as the last map. At the beginning of the event I was aiming for 2k kills, to then reduce it to 1700 and eventually I totally gave up after 1.5k mark, seeing that I would have spent last 3 days chasing the same 5-10 players every hour around this huge map, because everyone else gave up, knowing they cannot win anymore.

      Imo akaron should've been the 1st and silentera the last map in order. It would have been much easier to find single targets patrolling corridors of silentera.

      Abyss was ok-ish to me, although I don't like flying maps and I was feeling really lost while fighting. Also I'm an SM - fears don't work very well when your enemies run away at lightning speed, so I'll leave this map without any further comment.

      The amount of kills required to get top tier rewards was ridiculous. Period. I shouldn't complain, because 1.7k was possible on my server. If I had xform I would've tried to get 2k probably. Looking at rankings of other servers made me chuckle a bit though, as their top-tier reward was the 30-days white tiger... xD. If I remember well, last time it was matched to the least-populated servers and everyone had an opportunity to get something useful without gaming for 15-16h/day. In addition to broken kill counter, no technical support due to Christmas and 100% xp event taking place, we got a nice wombocombo that killed the 2nd week of the event.
    • Livo wrote:

      Tiamaranta Eye would be great for this

      I would personally not like this map but i'd be rather happy if there's gelk or ingi as dungeon map for those kinds of events or may be katalam/danaria ? :D
      but yeah its not jus that but the "last hit" part is rly furstating as well ( i remember last event i had a group of friends of that guy who was competing against me following me around the map just to steal all my kills, and for that reason I RLY rly DO NOT LIKE THE IDEA OF THE KILLS BEING DISPLAYED ON THE WEBPAGE, may be just for yourself to see how many kills u currently have but in no way its good to show your stats to every1, if u remember even reports for bans were thrown between ppl that same last event )
      another suggestion make pvp quest with npcs all over the place so u can hand in fast with lets say 1000 repeatable for 20 kills or smt like that and count who did the quest the most times, should be possible and much more reliable , and honesly fair to say the least
    • Personally i'd like to see some event on old maps like beluslan or heiron, those were the best maps for the rift system, abyss have been recycled every patch with poor results in my opinion, so why not the first maps, more frequent events would also be nice to break the daily routine.
      Even the eye of reshanta might be a nice place for a scheduled event, simple map, not too big, with all the necessary environments.
    • I was only able to participate a few hours at the beginning og the event, and my experience was that I jumped down into silentera canyon and seconds later I was ran over by a crowd of elyos. I saw many asmodians loosing the motivation to do the event because of this, I ended up going inggison in the end, to get some fun out of the event.

      I suggest having fewer tiers, with fewer kills needed for each, highest tier should be reachable by playing only an hour each day during the event. That way People can choose to play hardcore and finnish early or they can start late in the event, if they feel they meet to many, or to good people in the beginning and still manage to get a good reward. Alternatively have a repeatable quest. I dont mind getting kills for last hit, but would prefer if it worked same way av for quest today, that way it would make more sense to group up with other people, should make no kills count while in alliance tough.

      Since others suggested maps, I wanna suggest inngison/gelkmaros, they allready got a lot of entrance spots to the pvp areas, and atleast in the past, the windstreams made it possible to Split up zergs. But think both at the same time would give to much area to fight in, so perhaps Split it up, like sc/reshanta/akaron in this event.