Are rangers good in pvp atm ?

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    • Are rangers good in pvp atm ?

      Hey! I played Aion 2 years ago and i just started playing it again.Are rangers good in pvp atm because I am in love with the rangers in this game and i want to play as a ranger again but everyone says rangers are bad (like always :( ). I know efficiency depends on the player's skill and i know how to play ranger but i dont want to get rekt. :?: :rolleyes:
    • To put it short , all classes are good if u can play them ( i know it sounds like bananas but ye its the truth ) . Ranger is by far the hardest class to play in pvp (at least in my opinion - talking about playing it properly and optimally )
    • Personal preference is one thing - a class' power is another.
      If you go against someone with better gear odds are you'll die no matter what class you are.
      Also, sorc is squishy too. You might kill plates easier since plates killed you on ranger easy but if you get ambushed by a geared assassin or ranger you'll melt as a sorc the same way you melted as a ranger. :)
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