Looking for a Legion

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    • Looking for a Legion

      Hello guys/girls,
      Firstly, i am a French player who play (soon played) in Hyperion (the fusion of Suthran & Calindi). So my english is not good.

      Normally, i am Elyos, but i can even be Asmo if you'll help me (because i don't know everything in Asmodians side).
      For classes, in hyperion i play Cleric (lvl 69) and Spiritmaster (lvl 68) but i want to change class, so i ask you, what class you want me to play (not Chanter, Cleric, SM & Assassin ['cuz of ping]). You can see my lvl in Hyperion so you can conclude that i know a lot of the game (i am playing since 5 years)

      I give you my skype : yaquine8 (ask me if you are interested)

      Thank you and good game !