5.6 First Info

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    • Future Will Come wrote:

      yes, it is true, enchanting with apes and mighty supplements until +10 will be 100%
      I dont know who is worse in his answers, you or Kelekelio. Sometimes feels you are the same person. Can you be more specific as the above statement you made is saying exactly that - until +10 will be 100%. Thanks
    • From what i understood, it seems that someone only tested upto +10 and confirmed that the enchanting is 100% with APES and Mighty Supplements.

      As the person didn't enchant it further than +10, there is no evidence confirming if its 100% beyond that as well.
    • Relax, it's 100% for all levels. But if you don't own mighty supps, start collecting kinnah (timer on the video seems doesn't work, scroll up to 36:32)

      New Info. Some repeatable estima quests shown at 44:14
      You need Creation Crystals in order to exchange them for Estima. Creation Crystals are obtainable by assembling 1000xShattered Creation Pieces.Those can be found as a reward for completing [Spy/Daily] quests in Nosra/Esterra.
    • [Guide] Tower of Challenge

      Current instance isn't difficult if you can kite the mobs. The rewards are more than just "OK". You can avoid the attacks, cause most of them are directed and the animation is clearly seen on the floor. The main rule - kill melee mobs last, always start with those, who can hit you on a distance. Compassion of Water would be useful, in order to CC hoards of mobs (26th floor, for example). Feel free to have a rest and restore your health, after clearing the floors. Even if you fail, you can re-enter the Tower of Challenge and resume the game on the same floor.

      Rewards & Remarks
      1st floor - 40 000 000 XP

      2nd floor - 2 000 000 kinnah

      3rd - 10 000 AP

      4th - First boss. Just avoid the attacks. If you succed you'll be rewarded with a bundle of scrolls (x100 tradeable scrolls of your choice) and 20 HP.

      5th - The next few floors are with guared by hungry Togs and Kurins. Try to eliminate them, while they are still eating the pile of food. There's also one Tog, that eats the meat faster than others. It's your target #1. The reward is 40 000 000 XP.

      6th - 2 200 000 kinnah

      7th - 10 500 AP

      8th - Seond boss. Nothing special. Distract the Togs by destroying the barrels. Eventually, you'll be rewarded with 100 x Refined Recovery Serums and 100 x Refined Recovery Potions (also fully tradeable) and 40 HP.

      9th - 40 000 000 XP

      10th - 2 400 000 kinnah

      11th - 11 000 AP

      12th - Third boss. After you kill it, it will split into two mobs and those will split again into another two. Kite them. Reward: 175 x Mighty Supplements (Mythical), 60 HP.

      13th - 50 000 000 XP

      14th - 2 600 000 kinnah

      15th - 11 500 AP

      16th - Fourth boss. There are three bombs on the floor. You have to elimenate them 1 by 1, as they might be very dangerous if detonate all together (AoE). You will be given a minion and 80 HP.

      17th - The next few floors are filled with Klaws. Focus hatched eggs, if you see any (cause adds might spawn). 50 000 000 XP.

      18th - 2 800 000 kinnah

      19th - 12 000 AP

      20th - Fifth boss. Nothing special, just avoid the attacks. 5 x spinel medals, 100 HP, 12 000 AP, 50 000 000 XP, 2 800 000 kinnah.

      21st - At this point it's getting harder. Mage mobs can reflect either magical or physical damage. Keep your eyes open, and if you see the buffed mobs, switch your target to another one and do not use AoEs. 65 000 000 XP

      22nd - 3 000 000 kinnah

      23rd - 12 500 AP

      24th - Sixth boss. Also has an ability to reflect magical and physical damage. Avoid circles under your feet and watch for your mana. You'll receive a +7 high daeva manastone bundle (selectable manastones) and 120 HP.

      25th - 65 000 000 XP

      26th - 3 200 000 kinnah

      27th - Use Compassion of Water to CC the vampire mobs, as they moving very fast and there are a lot of them. Don't hesitate to use DP, shields etc to survive at this point. 13 000 AP.

      28th - Seventh boss. Be as quick as possible, because it can buff up and deal over 7k dmg at once (melee hit). Also, avoid paralysis (distance hit). Kite and you'll be fine. As a reward you'll get a stigma bundle (the class is selectable, but the stigma itself is random) and 140 HP.

      29th - On the next few floors you'll meet Vashatri's clones. Stick to good old tactics as you used to in Rentus Base. 65 000 000 XP.

      30th - 3 400 000 kinnah

      31st - 13 500 AP

      32nd - Eighth boss. You need to defeat Vashatri Nothing special, if you remember how to do it without a SM. 160 HP and a bundle of mythical idian.

      33rd - Centaurs are waiting for you on the following floors. Avoid stuns and kite. 80 000 000 XP.

      34th - Focus cerberus mobs, as they silence, bind and put bleeding on you at the same time (cannot be dispelled!). 3 600 000 kinnah.

      35th - 14 000 AP

      36th - Ninth boss. It deals a lot of damage and stuns you. Avoid the bombs on the floor (kinda difficult to kite the boss). The reward is a +8 manastone bundle (selectable manastone) and 180 HP.

      37th - 80 000 000 XP

      38th - 3 800 000 kinnah

      39th - Face the Grendal's clone. Kill it fast and then eliminate the mobs.

      40th - Final boss - Grendal the Witch. You have only 3 minutes to kill her. She has several skills: 1) Messengers - AoE, deals average amount of damage; 2) Scream - AoE fear, which you can dodge, just stay out of its area; 3) Ice Storm - AoE silence (can be dispelled with a pot); 4) Evil Spirit's Cyclone - AoE movement speed reduction (stay on the non-glowing platform to avoid it); 5) Evil Spirit's Word - AoE, which takes ages to cast, so you have time to climb up the BLUE platform. Try to dodge her attacks, keep an eye on the area, when she casts her skills and then just run aside. Rewards: a bundle of enhanced godstones (7% silence, 7% blind or 4% para (random one of these three)), 200 HP, 15 000 AP, 80 000 000 XP, 3 800 000 kinnah.


      Finally, a rewarding instance! All in all you'll get:

      35 600 000 kinnah
      705 000 000 XP
      1 100 HP
      150 000 AP
      5 Spinel Medals
      1 Minion
      1 enhanced GS
      175 Mighty Socketing Aids (Mythical)
      1 random stigma for selected class
      +7 manastone (selectable)
      +8 manastone (selectable)

    • The patchnotes clearly say the enchantment rate is much higher, but as we can see, it's not like that. On top of that the critical procs +2 +3 +4 are not visible at all. If we're getting the same nefred enchanting system, you can bury the EU servers. Who wants to win in some event purchase 15 x APES in order to make one gear part +15 with mighty supplements? And you won't be able to enchant the gear up to +15 using VR, as the Mighty Supplements (Mythical) aren't tradeable.