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    • The best gear


      I am new around and I would like to ask few questions.

      What is the best gear for gladiator and for sorcerer (for different levels)? Is this gear drop - if yes where? Is it crafting - if yes where are the scrolls with the recipes? Is it for aion coins or bronze coins - if it is or bronze coins where is the vendor?

      What are the event quests which i got from Elly in Sanctum? How to complete them? Is it worth to complete them?

      I play at Hellion. Will anyone of you agree to do Fire Temple with me? I saw it is group quest.

      What is Shugo game?

      What is the thing with Luna thingies which was available before Shugo game?

      What gear stats i should (physical fed, magical boost and so on) pay attention for gladiator and for sorcerer?

      Thank you in advance!

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    • Idk if you meant pve or pvp gladi/sorc in your questions, but I assume it's PVP-oriented. All described is for pvp.

      [NICK]shapash wrote:

      What is the best gear for gladiator and for sorcerer (for different levels)? Is this gear drop - if yes where? Is it crafting - if yes where are the scrolls with the recipes? Is it for aion coins or bronze coins - if it is or bronze coins where is the vendor?

      the best is from world boss 80 lvl. Possible to farm only with full alliance and better 72-75 ppl. more levels, farm will be faster, with gg alli about 1h. It drops weaps of Bygone Atreia 80 lvl: extend polearm for gladi, orb/book with attack speed for sorc - it is the best for these classes. If you ask where are these bosses and still dont know about these weaps - i think better to forget about it. It is very hard to organize it. To kill this boss is pretty easy, only cler that heals templar with adds on him has hard time here mostly, rest are ez.
      If you arent able to farm it, the best are weap from GoK, LoK and world drop 77 lvl (everything should be with lvl reduction to your lvl). World drop is from anymobs 74+. If you dont know what is GoK and LoK - forget about it. Its pretty hard instances even for experienced players. They wont invite you.
      Set: the best is 65 myth ap set rank 1 atm. Next month 75 ap will be the best. The same about jewels (also runatorium jewels are good as 65 ap jewels now) - 75 ap will be the best. For both classes. jewels +5 are considered as decent nowadays. If you want the best jewels, I advise to do +7+8 max, more isnt worth these efforts.
      Wings: the best are 65 ap wings (rank 1 or 4star - they are the same) and arena 70 wings - cause of pvp atk stat. For both classes.
      Feather: the best for gladi is enchanced feather attack/crit +5 and more ( i advise +7+8 as max, +9 and more is the same not worth it). for sorc its enchanced feather magiic boost/crit spell respectively.

      [NICK]shapash wrote:

      What are the event quests which i got from Elly in Sanctum? How to complete them? Is it worth to complete them?

      They arent important, just when you do luna instances (you can do them once per day for free, i advise to do them at least for some exp), you can complete them at the same time. Nothing special

      [NICK]shapash wrote:

      I play at Hellion. Will anyone of you agree to do Fire Temple with me? I saw it is group quest.

      if you arent exp/didnt watch tutorial video/you are just slow - you will make your group fail. And no one needs such ppl. Better if you make group like "shugo 1st timers" and try to inv the same ppl, but anyway learn tutorial first of all, how to do it. If everything is so bad, try to offer 10kk for 1 tutorial run to someone :D I just should warn you that this instance isnt so easy. Templar (there are 3 kind of heroes you can choose: templar, sorcerer and gladiator) must be really good player, sorc and gladi arent so important, but they need to have some reaction to run away from mass skills of last boss at least.
      I learnt from this video, I do the same as temp

      [NICK]shapash wrote:

      What is Shugo game?

      If you have shugo tokens (you can get them as reward from fire temple), you can use the key "Continue" in shugo game, and just use continue each time you reach new level in game (8 lvls max). I recommend to stop at 6th lvl.

      [NICK]shapash wrote:

      What is the thing with Luna thingies which was available before Shugo game?

      idk what you mean, but i guess it doesnt have sense if i dont understand :atongue:

      [NICK]shapash wrote:

      What gear stats i should (physical fed, magical boost and so on) pay attention for gladiator and for sorcerer?

      For pvp gladi, you can see the stats of gg glads in these vids for example (only attack, crit and accuracy are important, sometimes mag accuracy(MA))
      For sorc - idk, but usually they have MB(magic boost) like 5k without magic assist (+300) buff, MA - just try to reach about 2.1k+ and use +1k MA buff vs clers - should be enough. Crit spell - idk, no one sockets manastones with it - its all i can say. *Only for pve you can try some crit spell.
    • Thank you for your reply!

      I have heart of all mentioned by you bosses. I watched many videos (including videos about Fire Temple). I did not know what exactly they drop. In all videos group of 5-6 or more people enter this places (if you allow me call then dungeons). I saw there is not way i to do them solo.

      I have game experience. I play another cient game which is similar to AION. I have new computer since 2 weeks and I started play AION. It was not possible for me to run AION or even install it on my previous pc.
      I do not have big experience with AION. But I know how to fight and how to behave in dungeons. the other game which i play has places like Fire Temple - alot of places. There are dungeons which I can do solo and dungeons where I need team (group). From what I have watched from videos about AION, all dungeons require groups (teams).

      For 2 weeks, 2h per day I reached level 34.

      I met many people at Hellion - mainly spanish talking or poles. But they do not want play with me because I do not know spanish or polish. They told me them English is bad and they can not talk with me. I understand them - it is easier for them to talk in native language. I hope that there are some english speaking people at Hellion.

      I hope that people who know english and play at heliion will help me for this places. I can ensure all I will not disappoint them or slower them inside. I know what to do.

      About the quest from elly, they require collecting on some strange stuff and there is almost no information in google about this :)
    • Hello Shapash,

      The levelling proces in this game is quit fast untill 66. So while you are levelling you don't need to worry too much about gear yet because you will get a decent set if you follow the chainquest for Daeva gear at level 46 and 50 (the latter one you are only able to wear at 56+). The endgame of Aion start at 65.

      After you reach level 65 you should do the High Daeva quest (campaign) which will level you to 66 and you will have reached "endgame" altough the levelling goes to 75, you will be able to wear everything at 66.

      At 66+ ->
      Always do arena's even if you lose
      Try to find an SWB alliance because that gives a hefty reward. (Abyss points and ceranium medals)
      Do rift of oblivion and a lot of quests to level up :D
      In the upper part of Reshanta (aka Abyss) you will see a lot of camps. When they are Green you are able to do quests there for battle medals and Insignia's of honur. You should do these on both gladiator and sorcerer. Because you can buy PvP gear/weapons with them.
      You will often see "Upper forts or Miren/kysis/Krotan" on LFG (grey-pink chat) you can apply to those for AP and manastones.
      Going to siege, kbf (kamar battlefield), swbb (steel wall bastion battlefield) and so on might be put on hold untill you get some better gear. But you can ofcourse click "quick entry" after selecting the instance in the little dungeon/cave icon.

      Gather (and keep) the ancient coins that you farm from questing and from instances, and once you have 2900 you can buy an Ancient Rune Tribe Weapon in Signia "New Start Legion outpost" and you can then upgrade it to the mythical version. "Rune Hero ...." That weapon will be very decent untill you get the best weapons ingame.

      Click on show spoiler to see how the Shugo game works.

      Display Spoiler
      Shugo Game
      Running: 11/1/2017 - 1/2/2017

      The Black Cloud Traders are once again operating their popular Shugo Game, in which you can win valuable prizes from the 11th January to the 1st February – including the Fire Dragon King's Shimmering Weapons Chest, Jakunerk's Crucible Conqueror's Holy Armour Chest and Jakunerk's Holy Wings Chest of the Master Executor Commander.

      To take part, you will need Shugo Game Tokens, which you can earn in the event 'Temple of Memory' (see above). Alternatively, you can purchase some in the AION Shop from 11th January onwards.

      How the Shugo Game works:

      Open the Shugo Game by clicking on the Shugo symbol at the bottom-right side of the screen.
      Then, by clicking on 'Continue', the game will start and a Shugo Game Token will be used up.
      Try to upgrade the weapon to the maximum level (8) to then earn reward of the highest level.
      Naturally you can click on 'Stop' at any time to end the game and collect the reward for the level that you have attained.
      The upgrading can also fail. Should this occur, you will receive the reward for level 1. If you then wish to start fresh from the beginning, a further Shugo Game Token is required.
      By using Shugo Game Tokens, the upper bar fills with Shugo Points. Once it is full, the Nyerk Fever begins. As long as this is active, your chances of successful upgrading increase and more valuable prizes can be obtained.

      Note: If you log out or switch to a different character during participation in the Shugo Game, you will automatically be given the prize for the level that you have achieved to that point. The game cannot be continued.

      A little level guide for you:
      The level areas for your level onwards are as followed:
      34-37 = Campaigns (yellow quests) in Eltnen and Heiron.
      37-41 = Repeatable quests for Kromede Trial (this solo dungeon [Instance] is located in Arbolu's Haven which is the northern camp in Heiron.
      41-42 you can take the other Dark blue quests in Arbolu's Haven aswell as the dark blue quests and campaign a bit south of that camp.
      At 42 you can go to "Jeiaparan Village" in East Heiron. You take all the quests there and then use the flight (little statue) to go to Changarnerk's Campsite where you take the quests as well. After you complete all those quests (Some monsters that you kill will count for 2 quests!) You might be close to level 44.
      43.5/44 - 46 = Doing the remaining Heiron campaigns and taking the dark blue quests in "Kishar Observation Post" and "Reaper Squad Outpost".

      At 46 You can leave Heiron and go to "Theobomos" map. When you arrive in Theobomos you have to look behind you and use the Flight transporter to go to "Observatory Village" Take all the Dark blue and purple quests there (skip the light blue) and keep following the "Daevanion chain quest" This Fabled (gold) set + weapon will be aiding you during levelling. Once you did the dark blue quests in "observatory village", Lagdos Coast Base and Anangke Excavation Camp, you should be close to level 50. If you aren't then you can fly to northern part of Theobomos and do quests in "Jamanok Inn" Again, dark blue ones. [Note: some dark blue quests in Anangke Excavation Camp only appear when you are level 49. So if you get there before level 49, you should return there when you are level 49.]

      You could also solo Lannok's stronghold and Theobomos Lab in 46-50, but I don't think it will be so easy for a new player. So I'd keep those for your next character.

      At level 50 You should go to Sanctum and do the campaigns. If you follow those, you will end up in Ingisson, where you do ALL the quests in Inggison Illusion Fortress and bases north and south of the fortress. You should skip [Group] quests.

      Taloc's Forest is a solo instance at level 51 or higher and is pretty fun. You transform into a tree-like monster with a lot of HP! Guides are online.

      At level 56 you are able to go to Signia, altough I advise to not go there yet untill level 58~60.
    • Ashandarey wrote:

      @Senpai Nice guide mate, you should put it in a separate thread and stick it for the new elyos folks

      Agreed 150% :cookieshugo: for Senpai, yes this should be set up as a sticky.

      Shapash..... you did not say if you were elyos or asmo. I am on hellion, elyos. I often have time in the afternoon I would be more than happy to help. I do not care about language, I am more than happy to help when I can. In game name is same as here. I have a few characters so can choose one to best fit the character you use. ... No charge.
    • Thank you for your replies!

      I want also to thank to 2 spanish speaking groups from last night. They allowed me to do Fire Temple with them. It was an amazing experience. They did not allow the language barrier tobe obstakle for us in the game.

      Thank you guys and girls! You are amazing!

      I think for now it is too early to think about PvP gear. I should level to max my characters and may be even make second account.

      rebelbabe I am elyos and I would be glad if I can get moer help with Fire Temple or another dungeons. I still need collect 12 hearts to complete the Fire Temple quest. I am online usually after 18:00 german time :) It will be honor for me to meet you.

      What us the best PvE gear?

      You already mentioned ancient coin weapons. What is the best PvE gear for level 65-75?
      Where should I farm for it when I level my characters? Should I farm one place or more?
    • This is my advice for players who already have a level 65+ character and are looking to level a new alt character in super fast time:

      1) Make a 2nd account. You dont need to use goldpacks.
      2) Make a new character, same faction (obviously) to your 65+ character.

      Assuming Elyos:

      3) Using your 65+ character (referred to as 'main' from hereon), group up with new character in Poeta. Ensure to select mentor option so new character gets max exp. Main can stay group leader it doesnt make any difference as loot is crap anyways.
      4) Switch to new character and click on main, and type /follow. Alt tab back to main. If possible, use running scroll 30% so your new character doesnt fall too far behind main (if it does /follow will stop working).
      5) Dont take any quests or speak with any NPCS, just use main to kill all mobs in akarios zone. You can level up to 5 in a few mins just by staying in this starter zone. For levels 5-9, kill mobs in daminu forest/deforested/kabarah strip mine with your main, again with new character on /follow. Dont use exp scrolls at these levels, total waste.
      6) As soon as you reach level 9, speak with Pernos and take ascension quest. Choose your class then go to Sanctum for ceremony.
      7) After ceremony, head to Verteron, dont take any quest or campaign, simply use main to farm all mobs in Tursin Output and Garrison zones until are you level 19/20. Can do Haramel if you want but not necessary.
      8) Go to Eltnen. Use main to farm mobs in Manduri Forest and Putrid Mire. Feel free to do blue quest if you get bored.
      9) Once you reach level 25, do abyss entry quests. Then use main to farm Nocsana instance. Do that a few times until you reach 30.
      10) Level 30, use main to farm Fire Temple endlessly until you reach 37. Can get some blue accessories/gold weapons from bosses which helps to get basic gear for Kromede Temple later on. Unlock all possible stigma slots, get the stigmas you want as it will help with:
      11) Level 37 do Kromede Temple solo in Heiron until you reach 40
      12) Level 40, do blue quest around arbolu haven with your main and new character on /follow. Can do some gold campaigns that offer high exp if you want.
      13) Level 44, go to Jeiaparan village, do all blue quest
      14) Level 46, farm Adma Stronghold and Theo Labs

      If you have enough kinah, gear out your new character so that from 50 onwards, is half decent enough to solo blue quests and some gold campaigns in Ingisson:

      15) Level 50, go to ingisson, do blue quests from ingisson fortress and illusion output on your new character only. Dont really need to do the campaigns

      At this point, if you have exp scrolls, like verdins amulet etc, get them ready and use them for:

      16) Level 53, use main and farm Beshmundir temple on normal mode. If your new character can handle mobs solo, then park your main at the start of the instance (inside ofc), and only bring it forward to kill bosses to be able to move onto next area. If main is too close, then exp will be shared). You can try hardmode, but I think maybe too hard for new character to solo unless you have overgeared it using kinah from main etc. Normal mode should be easy enough for most decent geared new characters in gold gear. As you level up closer to 60, mentor wont be an option.

      17) at level 60, you can go to Signia, do campaigns and farm Mantor solo and do blue quests at the new start legion camps. You may even still get half decent exp from BT too.

      18) at 65, just go to Esterra and do live there until you are old and grey, hoping to reach 75.

      Can make 1-65 by spending several hours over a weekend (all by yourself!) easily without using exp boosts once you know the routine.

      From 66+, would just farm arenas to get the new mythic gear, its good enough for pve too.
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