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      Shake It Off


      Shake It Off is a legion on elyos side that was created a few years ago on Spatalos but since the merge we are obviously on Deyla :D


      To be strong in PvP and complete the newest instances as well as sieging


      The Brigade General of the legion is "Alucinor"
      Some deputies include but are not limited to: "Sebivine", "Shaun", "Adikia".


      • If you want to join you are required to do so on your main character.

      • You need to be active after you join and contact a leader if you will be inactive for a long time.

      • You need to install Teamspeak 3. You can download this for free here. If you are shy you don't have to talk, but you need to listen in some events/instances.

      • You must understand English.

      • You must be willing to accept advise from more experienced players so that your damage and survivability increases. (Everyone wins)

      • You need to be 72+ with "good gear"

      What do we offer

      • A fair community where nobody rules like a dictatorship

      • A lot of good players (High damage, experienced, ...)

      • The possibility to become part of family if you are willing to come to teamspeak and ready to mingle.

      • PvE instances like SWB daiily etc with the legion.

      • For other things you can ofcourse make legion groups :)

      Misc Rules

      • Cheating, severe offensive language, flaming, racism, disrespectful behaviour is not allowed and will result in a ban of the legion.

      • If you leave without telling a deputy or the leader why you left, will result in a ban from the legion. (Just saying "I want to join someone else" is better than not saying anything and just leaving = disrespectful)

      Currently recruiting

      • Active healing clerics

      • Active high physical damage

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