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    • Rayya wrote:

      I cant imagine price of bracelet. Gold feathers are around 1bil atm, so bracelets will be same more or less. And when ll be implemented to game then price of serum will go skyhigh again.

      Bracelets are sold by npc. Price like for old feathers around 100kk.

      Rayya wrote:

      Same ll be for apes and mighty supplements since they ll become 100% succes enchanting.

      in 6-9 months
    • Gold Feather is an upgrade from blue feather, for that you need 10x tradeable upgrade serum.
      1 bill is normal price for that, if you only count the 10x serum (not taking into account that you have to +10 blue feather first).

      Aren't bracelets be sold by NPC that sell feather aswell, for +/- the same price of a feather ~110mill ?
    • Not only npc. You can obtain them from bosses as well I think. Having one is not an issue. Bracelet +0 is useful as blue feather +0 ....Having a source for serums and apes in game, obtaining with grinding, special hero trial quests or whatever is the issue

      @Rayya we all have the same problem, doesnt matter the region. As Serums are designed to be a "shop only item" as far as I know. Russians implemented a patch recently putting the serums as a drop from world bosses. Not sure about NA .... I am repeating myself, but if we end up with shop only items that are essential for us in game and we cant progress without them ...no comment. And they will be more and more needed because of the breakable things (New pvp accessories are breakable as well)

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    • Ashandarey wrote:

      Russians implemented a patch recently putting the serums as a drop from world bosses. Not sure about NA

      can confirm from a friend in NA
      Einod drop serum at 100% or at least pretty high rate

      [NICK]arkadyass wrote:

      We droped 2 Serums last week from 4 Garden runs

      last boss or?
      i'm not rly joining any groups as i dont have time for that anyway but if it rly drops or last boss does drop i'll have to rethink my priorities ;\
    • @Future Will Come Cheers :)

      @[NICK]rahnxah Yes, since that Circus non sense event, they made some good ones -> the permanent one now for 8 kills Nosra and Esterra, Lucky dice, snowflakes ....rewarding indeed. Getting Apes, Serums, medals etc from events is one thing. I mean, thats what events are suppose to be - giving fun to people and rewarding them with stuff that can help make kinah or enchant their gear, or nice remodels, etc etc etc. But events should NOT be the only way of obtaining Serums and Apes.
    • Rayya wrote:

      Events? Are you serious?! Events are here to have little bit fun, do something different then mindless grind and get some extra good stuff. They are not suppose to be MAIN way to get an very important game resource as serum and apes are these days. And even VR are not that right way how to get them. Basicly anything that isnt related to game content self. Make it GoK drop with 50% chance to drop and one person ll get it .
      So far i got 0 apes from anything and 5 serum from shugo tomb event (one like 1,5 year back, that last one drop just big poop). So yeah we totaly have reliable way to get them....

      Are you seriously getting some fun from these events? I pray god to finish this shugo/firetemple/anything else as quick as possible. Its so boring for me. And it is main way to get apes nowadays. Some proved it above also. The most never had or had only 1-2 apes/serums max as drop from world mobs/bosses/instances. Regarding me, I totally got x2 apes from mobs, x1 serum from RST boss, x2 apes from fortuneers quest AND x6 apes just from last fire temple event. And you still dare to say events isnt main way to get serums/apes? Seems we play different games.

      So, for me events are important as way to get rare recources. If events arent supposed to be main way - you are right here, but it doesnt mean NCSoft set correct and optimal chances for drop of it. It's their the same mistake as making bards, implementing incarnations. Many ppl complain, but they here only call of noobs which are used to play easy games (and to pay much for easy fun ofc).

      Also I dont agree about implementing it in GoK only as solo player. Then only some gg pve groups (proly they are premades cause in LFG i have seen only 2 groups with the same ppl that are looking for 1-2 ppl to fill their premade) will get serums. Need to do something for solo players too, at least rep. pvp quest killing 15 asmos/ely daily and condition to do this quest 10 times (in total 1 serum per 10 days for 150 kills). I think to get it in GoK will be easier since there are 4 runs weekly, so looks fair for me. BUt its just example anyway.
    • [NICK]arkadyass wrote:

      We droped 2 Serums last week from 4 Garden runs.

      We did? :D You never said. But i guess this drop is more bug then fix :D
      When I was talking bracelet I did mean like finished thing, +10 or so. And since it is pure pvp item, ppl will go crazy with prices. Nothing for casual players.
      I said event are for "to have fun" not I have a fun doing events, most of them are stupid anyway. Circus is horrible. Do you remember few years back that abyss tank battke event? That ends up as fail? That was something. Event without reward.
      Anyway, this topic isnt about events. Prices of apes going down lately, less then 60kk now. Serum keep their price still.
    • I wonder ...do I have to translate this topic in German and post it to their forum to get some attention from GF ? 10 days and no one from the staff commented or said something. I thought you people wanted to communicate more with us, at least thats what Nic said if I am not mistaken. I would be happy if we had at least something like "We are still in progress of making a decision about this" or whatever. 10+ days and nothing, really ?
    • Hello Daevas

      I am sorry but we have no further information - the topic is not forgotten, but we dont have any news yet

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    • GF is not the only culprit. NCSoft has made game p2w in Korea also. Game is dieing and they know it. So they try to milk it. There will be 2 new items you must have to be above average next patch. Estigma and bracelet. Apes will go to 2x price. Even with all the stuff from veteran rewards (your 32 apes will go puff in 10 mins). Why they were removed from drop table in first place beats me. Just make public announcement we can bot so we get them the same way Korea gets most of them.