What happened folks ?

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    • What happened folks ?

      Few months ago we had a thread -> click I believe that discussion led GF to make an experiment adding a slightly chance of Serums to be dropped by bosses in instances. That ended after one week, GF said that they will collect the info and will make a decision or something of how to proceed with that. Also that thread and video was discussed in the maintenance livestream during the 5.1 patch. There was some ideas obtaining serums and apes to be possible through hero trial system via weekly quests or something more hard to be made. Months passed and still there is nothing on that. I would like to ask if and when we will have anything on that, as I am pretty sure ~4 months are more than enough to make a decision about that. The game is about to feel very p2w with the upcoming patch and if we dont have any way of obtaining serums and apes in game will be a huge issue as people have to rely on other people to spend real money and put them on reasonable prices in the broker. I dont mind grinding, Aion is hardcore game and time consuming. But is not rewarding as it used to be after we have shop only items that are essential for our progress. Also worth to think about adding a way of obtaining mighty supplements in game.
    • Surfas wrote:

      We got several events who brought more tradeable Serums and Apes to the market. That's what happened.

      Remind me again how these events were different of that to buy serums/apes directly from shop ? Which event, apart from Lucky dice who was completely free, but we didnt have serums and apes there, you were able to obtain these goods without aion shop ?
    • Surfas wrote:

      Snowflakes and Fire Temple, for example :love:

      Both giving Apes and Shugo Game (which can give both) and maybe Holy Serums, not remembering 100%.

      Fair enough. So you are happy with the resources we have for this items. Will be interesting to read other opinions. And of course from GF folks i.e. anemsalok, what they think, what plans they have, etc as I already said they mentioned this issue in the live stream for 5.1 + serum drop chance from bosses
    • Events? Are you serious?! Events are here to have little bit fun, do something different then mindless grind and get some extra good stuff. They are not suppose to be MAIN way to get an very important game resource as serum and apes are these days. And even VR are not that right way how to get them. Basicly anything that isnt related to game content self. Make it GoK drop with 50% chance to drop and one person ll get it .
      So far i got 0 apes from anything and 5 serum from shugo tomb event (one like 1,5 year back, that last one drop just big poop). So yeah we totaly have reliable way to get them....
    • I totally agree that events are for having fun, not the way to get some items.
      Reminds me of blackvelvet when GF took over the game, when she said over all the servers during their beta that the shop "is only to get costumes and will never hold items influencing the game".
    • [NICK]amber1234 wrote:

      I totally agree that events are for having fun, not the way to get some items.
      Reminds me of blackvelvet when GF took over the game, when she said over all the servers during their beta that the shop "is only to get costumes and will never hold items influencing the game".

      Yes, like other mmorpgs who are in a way better shape (comparing only the population, nothing else) than aion -> Tera, GW2, FFXIV...I think until ...aion 4.6? things were OK. Shop items was not essential for our progress. Unfortunately it feels more p2w with every new update since. And knowing whats coming in 5.3, things will be worse. The reason I made that thread and asking for opinions and of course answers from GF staff. As all they did was a one week experimental event of having slight drop chance of serums from bosses in instances. Also there was a thread somewhere with idea of adding supplements as a drop from monsters....with small chance, but still its something to help (I know there is an npc selling lesser supplements)
    • Lol my sm got one from the 2nd estrra mob she killed... never got any more, on any characters.

      Mythical suppliments... suppliments have a chance to drop from the boss in the solo instance, the lab in Akaron, battle medals, ancient coins and sometimes eternal or mythical suppliments.. 25 I think. (just in case someone did not know)

      I get around the problem by just not upgrading anything that can break. Will be a long time before I see any weapon or armour at +15.

      I do see more people selling enchanting mats since the events started running, I also see a lot of items +10 going into broker... now if someone could just do some high level pvp gear for me... I will be able to buy it from brokeer in x years.
    • @Helkeheri Lucky you, I have one since the 5.0 farm fest begin :)

      @[NICK]rebelbabe Not upgrading anything and competing with people at +15 which are buying goods from the shop to achieve that is exactly the problem of p2w. Not sure about PVE, but for PVP in 5.3 will be ....

      I wonder how many people has to write/moan/etc in a thread until someone from the staff say something ? Like - I will check for and and come back with more info or just anything ? I am just asking for something that was discussed by you people in order to make the game more attractive to players
    • Well. I've quitted "long" ago, though i feel like i should come back, as usual.
      That i usually do, when i start feeling like im having a second job.
      The current instances are uninteresting, unrewarding, boring.
      And the open world grind is, well, 30k mobs 2 ape should tell.

      Though i may reinstall just to mess around.
      Wana see my armors break anyway.
      We'll see, i kinda enjoy mass effect atm. :)

      On a side note, im not exactly sure how relevant is our opinion.
      I often seen the mods quote the german forums, in case the international community had questions.
      Kind of reminds me the glorious "eye on community" from NC times.
      -When out of 1000 people 999 people asked when will X happen, so they featured a question about shugo tails.
      -In 2 weeks we will have an ETA of when we will have an ETA.

      And so on.
    • Click wrote:

      Garden of Knowledge actually is rewarding, of course you need to have some level for it, which isn't hard to reach with Rift of oblivion.
      Supplements, Godstones, Gear, or lots of Kinah from selling the fragments.

      Garden is actually good.

      I agree. Easy 30-40kk from two bosses only, some exp ...not bad. But still we need a source for the essential goods - apes and serums. I made some jewels +3+4 from Atreia pass before ...it was slow but at least I knew that I have 1 serum every month. Thats why implementing serums and apes in hero trial will be huge. A weekly which can provide us with them. Or add them s a drop chance from world bosses for example...I think thats how russians solved their issue ?
    • I miss times when TF was endgame instance and we were runing it for gear, craft mats, enchats and so on. Latest patch is just clearly showing how game p2w became. To be competent you need run +15 gear bcs lots of ppl have even more +15 gear. Get new gear to +15 is gamble and pure luck. It is way easier with apes that are expensive and hard to get by yourself - quick solution is shop. To get enchanted accs or feather you need serums which you probably buy from somebody else and that person get it from shop most likely. Now you probably ll be like "what is 120kk for serum, that is cheap!" Um sorry but not everybody are making 100kk per day, everyday.
      Luna is similar thing, new,nice feauture of game that is unavailable if you dont use cash shop. Like realy?...
    • What would be interesting is to know what the game developer's predictions were when they put together all the new patches.

      How they saw the game progressing
      Are they making it an open ended game where you are always constantly working towards getting the endgame equipt fully enchanted and socketed to the max, gear breaking so you start again, never getting to the end?
      Did they make any predictions on health and general balance of players? There has always been gaps between well geared/skilled players and those not so well geared and skilled. Maybe now would be a good time to look at those predictions against reallity of community to see if there is still an acceptable balance.

      I have no issue with people using cash shop, they help make things available to others in game that are not able to use shop, thanks for that guys. Even the people that use the shop will have a cash limit to spend and are busy fixing their own gear, that does not leave a lot of money left over to inject what others are looking for into the broker/private sales.

      I just have one of those minds that likes to know why things change. Yes it is always great to have new things added to games, new things to work for, new things to do. But it should always be fun. I am a very easy going person who plods along in the game with no real goals, I do not feel the need to compete with others, some do. I have never seen so many people so frustrated, annoyed or worried by game updates. These last changes seem to have hit the game like a bomb shell.

      Please do not hate on Gameforge guys, yes there are things they can do, and are doing to try help. How far they can go in helping?, I do not know but they did not develop the new patches/direction of game. They are are listening, they are trying new things, they do ask for our feedback.

      Maybe they could make a thread that holds just their comments to us. No comments from players in there or their feedback to us would be lost in a mass of responses. The comments could say what they are working on, what their ideas are, acknowledgements of things discussed in forum, a way of updating community. There is responsibility too for players not to make unreasonable demands. A big difference between need and want, some things we will still have to work for.
    • That thread is not against Gameforge. They didnt make the game like it is. But it depends of them to leave the Apes and Serums in shop only or to do something and make them obtainable in game. As I said, its up to them to add them as a drop from bosses, weeklies in hero trials, or whatever. Just dont leave these essential for the progress goods in shop only. As this is p2w. I dont want to make my pvp and pve gear in 1 week. I dont mind grinding it for 5-6 months or more. Just if I dont have access in game for these goods whats the point ?

      Edit: Not to mention bracelets and estimas that will need enchantment as well. I think bracelts are with Serums like the feathers. So more and more content that needs items that are really rare in game - drop rates for APES are like 0.00001%, and for Serums ....well you cant have them in game at all :)

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    • I cant imagine price of bracelet. Gold feathers are around 1bil atm, so bracelets will be same more or less. And when ll be implemented to game then price of serum will go skyhigh again. Same ll be for apes and mighty supplements since they ll become 100% succes enchanting.
      I think lots of players dont mind some farming in order to get some gear, but ncsoft make it hard now and gf with weird drop rates doesnt help it eaither. And whole economics is going down to poop by looking at prices. There is need for some kinah to be pumped into market. New players cant afford to buy half of things on on market, even stupid scrolls are 10x more expensive then they uses to be. Or as I said, 1kkk for gold frather? Are kidding me? How much ppl have such amout of money? Like 5% maybe . Maybe.
      We all se problem, we know some solutions and we propose them, but they wont appear in game. Many know why, but i rather dont say it.
      Was thinking if Kor have same issues with apes/serum/resources in general as we do.