Art commissions for Kinah: the experience

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    • Art commissions for Kinah: the experience

      Hey guys, A while ago I made a post regarding selling artworks for kinah, thinking it was a nice idea to do so.
      I have gotten many of them and many kind people who kindly awaited my art (I appreciate all of you!)

      Some were even kind enough to try to transfer kinah to hellion if they were another server and wanted artworks.

      Thinking it was all fine and that this was a good thing to do for a while, I today ran into a ''bit'' of trouble.

      My main account, the account I accept the kinah on got banned.

      Me being me thinking it was due trolling on LFG or anything I do on Parker , contacted support expecting 2-days ban.
      But nope, 2 -weeks ban.

      It started with accusing me of having bought kinah, much to my surprise, I tried to figure everything out.

      Now I have come to the conlusion one of the people that bought from me bought their kinah , put in my name and that's why I got banned.

      I have personally no way to distrusts any of my clients ,none.

      Upon asking support where it states in the ToS and why I was allowed to make the post in the first place, I only receive copy pasta such as :
      '' by registering your account, you accepted the ToS and therefore hereby understand the kind of responsibilities you agreed to take on your shoulders towards the in-game rules and whatnot. Not knowing what you clearly accepted (remember, the so called ''terms or service'' is partially a contract) is not valid in this case. ''

      All of us are here and accepted the ToS, but most of the times it seems the staff itself cannot even accept their ToS (by allowing me to make the post in the first place)

      Long story short: Don't do it, people cannot be trusted.
    • Tbh i don't get support banned you according to it, as artist/player you can't check from what you're getting kinah. Selling kinah is bad, but maybe instead banning innocent players (since i guess there's 0 proves that YOU bough that kinah, beside that you get them, right?), support should do something with such websides/etc? :aunhappy:
    • My point, It's insane I get this quite heavy ban over something I couldn't predict.

      They refuse to unban me because I ''profitted'', how much 300kk nowadays? absolutely nothing.

      I work for extremely low money compared to the time and effort I take and this feels like absolute betrayal and all I can to is save others this pain and tell them to just work for real money , don't even bother with trying anything fun. some nyerktard will ALWAYS manage to ruin it for you.

      I would be okay with 2-days ban for not predicting someone would betray me like this, but 2 weeks....

      Trust broken in people and also the support, even if it's only their superiors who refuse to release my ban.

      I honestly wouldn't even mind returning that 300kk during those days, or returning 300kk in order to get unbanned, even if it makes my efforts go nyerk and that person got art for free.

      Or give gameforge some art, lol I don't care whichever whatever it's all in 2-days span. but this? is just plain annoying and shows they can't think for themselves ,use standard buttons and replies to respond/punish people.

      0 consideration, 0 respect given.

      It's not only me who's affected by this, it's everyone else who was interested in a commission that now is going to show up on closed doors, it's the people I have static with that need to look for 2 other people because my boyfriend won't shop up either, I miss days on the goldpack I paid for with real money in the aion shop ( nyerk you! i've always spent my money in aion shop and this is how I am treated over 300kk, my god!) and possibly any artist that would be considering doing anything alike in the future but stumbles across this.

      I'm completely aware it's not perma, but something in me makes me want to just leave the game after this happening,
      players screw you over and support just makes it worse.

      trash experience
    • Let's pretend I'm entirely dumb and point out exactly where,
      I keep reading and reading but all I find is about gameforge's services rather.

      Now I could be entirely looking over it, I'm not in the best state of mind at this moment.

      I personally wasn't quite sure if I was allowed to sell commissions in trade for kinah, so I posted on forum to see if anything would happen.

      In the support tickets they don't appear to be minding the fact I was selling something, but the only problem is ''Unfortunately, as you took the kinah and you did not contact us, as stated in the FAQ, it is not possible to remove the ban. ''

      ''you took the kinah and you did not contact us'', everytime they say something like this, entirely implying I was fully AWARE that I was accepting kinah from a bot.

      This was not the case.
      The bots name was kaikmj, there are weirder names around on these servers.

      As mentioned before, I had no reason to distrust anyone.

      As far as my knowledge goes, 2 weeks ban is a big punishment for a small mistake.

      I offered to pay the kinah back and whatnot, it's not I can smell bots , i'm just a human.

      BTW do you see any database of those who are bots and who are not? because I don't.

      The reason why I am being entirely annoying over this is the simple fact I had no way of knowing it was a bot, and that's it.

      Violation or not, I couldn't have known that, end of story
      Here it talks about receiving items/kinah from someone you don't know.

      Now if you knew anything about how commissions go, you'd know I talk ALLOT with the person on hand, I'm not some restaurant where you go in and order and that's it.

      I may have had allot of people ''ordering'' but I've had atleast a good conversation with them to accept the commission and know exactly what they wanted.

      Now there were about 5 who weren't from any servers mentioned in the post, they were either deyla asmodian or somewhere else.
      In ALL these cases I was told that they will send me the kinah on hellion/deyla some way or another.

      I just don't get it, was I supposed to harass these people and ask them how they're going to acquire their money?
      If I deliver something and I get money delivered within timespan of course I assume it's THEIRS.

      Call me dumb or naive all you want, but I trusted these people.

      I had no reason to go to Gameforge and ask them to check who and what, i've had a decent conversation with the clients and everything was clear to me.
    • '' Once more, we appreciate the kind of art that you are producing, but this had nothing to do with it at all in the moment we investigated your violation. ''

      It might be just me , but I think that's referring to a different act than this.

      Either way I am extremely tired of this already and have decided to withdraw, deserved or not.

      Thank you very much for replying clearly though, I appreciate it
    • It's probably because you didn't tell Support that you're doing this

      1) Selling Aion related products for money (even if it's virtual money)
      2) Because you didn't inform them, they couldn't identify why you were getting money where you probably gave no items in return. People don't get banned becuse they sell items to bots/people who bought kinah.
    • This is ridiculous.
      I ticketed GF not too long ago myself to clear with them if it would be ok to sell art for kinah/shop items in the case people come from a different server and they told me it's fine but to look out for scammers. I guess I should also look out for the possibility of customers buying kinah now :aamazing:
      Reminds me of the pvp event bs when people bought kinah and sent it to people in the lead, then tipped off support they were buying kinah... :rolleyes:
      I'm so sorry to hear about your situation, I hope it gets sorted one way or the other and that GF will treat you with more understanding in the future.