Ranger vs Gunner?

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    • You're simply acting superior here without anything to back it up. You might be an absolutely great Gunner. I'm not doubting that

      But if you think Gunner is on par with the best DPS classes, feel free to do provide evidence.

      I disagree - and if you can't be bothered to provide a viable counterpoint, I will assume you're wrong. I've known plenty of people who talked high and mighty like you and, in the end, turned out to be unable to match their mighty words. That's okay.

      But please don't tell new players Gunners are superior PvE DPS when you're unable or unwilling to provide arguments for your statement.

      You telling me I have no clue about what I'm talking is pretty much derailing the discussion - which you've been doing from the get-go, though. This entire thread you'be simply been trying to troll.

      PS: I could literally post a Screenshot of ARM where I'm top DPS on Hyperion, without any indication of fight duration whatsoever. By your logic that proves Chanters are superior DPS.

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    • Rym wrote:

      You have previously mentioned that you do not know how gunner dps now parses.

      Even so, you have assumed it mediocre without concrete evidence.

      Following these statements, I see no reason as to why I should prove myself.

      This ARM SS is the only thing you will get from me - imgur.com/6fI12Dz (additional info: Supreme Commander Pashid from SWB PvP, all members present from the start).

      So you are saying you can sustain 9k ....and you can prove it and now you are giving us a screenshot from SWB ? Where from 24 people only 4-5 are starting dps on Pashid at the beginning ? Def group is barely touching him and the other 2 groups are starting when he is at 70-80% ...Really ? Probably you said "This ARM SS is the only thing you will get from me" because you cant prove it after all .... I had SWB where I was top dps and very good sorcerers and assassins were behind be just because I started dps from the start ... That doesnt prove anything
    • about the dps - personnal opinion

      As a ranger with 90~100 ping, but very good gear till lvl 65, my personal experience is like this:

      Before 5.0 and after the nerf of gunners a good ranger could over-dps them easily
      At swb I could over-dps very good sorcs (bards seemed to drop dps after a bit of time) gunners sucked after nerf but got better with every patch afterwards
      I guess a ranger with 50 ping would really rock.

      After 5.0 and before people start getting higher grade gear, I was seeing that melee dps was falling back vs magic dps, PVE.
      Magic dps being high already and mboost cap going up helped the - already capped - sorcs to increase dps while my dps was lucking vs lvl68 mobs, of course gunners were getting better also.
      At lvl 70+ differences in dps is even higher vs magic damage.
      I see lvl 69 gunners over dpsing me in final boss SWB(me being lvl 71 and both dpsing 100% of time) and no other rangers to really win them.
      Lvl 70 gear helped me a bit but I think not as much as getting a higher cap of magic boost for those classes.

      Also magic damage classes increase their dps easier by increasing 1 stat only.
      Knowledge = mboost +crit spell
      They now crit hit more often than before.
      Rangers had to depend on a 50~60%+ chance on crits to have high dmg
      Magic classes had high damage with less often critical hits and now as a bonus they crit more often
      Increasing Accuracy for critical chance does not really give more critical strikes than I already had.
      Increasing Power gives way less % increase in damage than what mboost classes get
      So double the points for less % increase in dps - pve

      Even in pvp I see the good magic damage players doing 3/4 crit hits on me vs (a very subjective) 1/4 prior to to 5.x
      I guess at end game gear/stats at lvl 75 melee dps will start to catch up vs magic classes who will eventually be capped again, or hope so :D

      I feel like magic damage classes get faster a bigger chunck of dps improvement in every major release, melee are a bit slower increasing dps.
    • > I feel like magic damage classes get faster a bigger chunck of dps improvement in every major release, melee are a bit slower increasing dps.

      As you said we will probably reach a point soon when MB classes are capped for both Magic Boost and Crit Spell. After that, it's rotation only. Physical classes might now have a hard time catching up, but at a certain point their gear keeps on scaling further whereas magic damage meets a hurdle.
    • I have nothing to backup this but ranger vs gunner in terms of dps while having more or less same gear is well, pretty much same. Both have cons of pros. I am rolling gunner now and one day I am best in some instance, second day I am not. But i wont pull out my hair bcs of that.
      Anyway, gunners change a bit from back when 4.0 where you could in bm gear just faceroll mostly anyone u meet. Ppl wont agree but its no more 1-2-3 1-2-3. U need more brain now. And many gunners reroll to bards in 4.8. With decent cannon you can hit realy hard in pvp, several aoe skills ars great too.
      About gearing - yes, expensive bcs anytging magic class related is mote expensive then phys these days.
      So to question, ranger or gunner? Pick what u like more and have a gun ;)
    • I can understand those who are doubtful about Gunner outdpsing Sorcerer or Assassin like Erufuun (they will get their proof as soon as a proper Gunner, both stats and skill wise, submits Kroban ARM log), but it's truly remarkable how some still believe Ranger is anywhere close to Gunner anymore. Speaks volumes about the Gunners they deal with.
    • Feel free to compete and prove yourself actually: aionpveranks.com

      Gunner gained something from the 5.x updates due to higher MB caps, better possible stats and such, but that's something other classes gained partly as well including other stuff, so I doubt it's the way some of you try to make us believe. Anyway you have the possibility to prove yourself nowadays - use it.
    • It's been a week since the last post here and now there's a few possibilites, from least to most likely.

      1. No decent Gunner has been made aware of aionpveranks.com
      2. No decent Gunner had time to do PvE within the week
      3. No decent Gunner could be bothered to do PvE to prove his class
      4. Gunner simply cannot match Assassins and Sorcerers in PvE

      As of today, the best Gunner iDPS in Makarna at 5.333 iDPS would not even be Top 10 for Sorcerers and barely make it for Asssassins.

      Yes, PvEranks is only out a week and I love to be disproven. Alas I don't see how Gunners could close the gap to Sorc/Sin anytime soon, even though I believe there's still a lot of potential for Gunners.

      Agreeably, Rangers are nowhere near Gunners at this point of the game.