Newbie Gladiator looking for help with build/rotation/how to pvp

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    • it's easy to say to give some tips. there are many moments that should be mentioned.
      I can suggest first to read my post here The best gear and especially watch 2 videos in my post (gladi in runatorium). Maybe you will learn something. There are different tactics 1v1 and in group pvp, very much moments. For example, in group pvp try to use lockdown vs phys classes to reduce some dps of enemy group, after RS(remove shock) use buff that gives attack to increase your dps, but in 1v1 pvp vs rangers/sins better to dont use anything after RS (to dont continue chain) and use UD at once. Very much moments.
      I can advise just to watch pvp vids of gladiators - its the best way to understand all tips. Also watch not only from retail server, i can try to find some videos and link in pm if you want

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    • Don't watch videos from privet server, they have changed mechanics on their own (no too far from target penalty, autoattack automatism, boosted damage, different server performance.) you can't compare privs with retail, only for rotation against certain classes, but outcome on retail WILL BE different.
    • If you need advice you can pm me xo. But the most important thing about your class is knowing when your opponent has shock resistances so you don't waste your knockdowns/aethers hold, also in group pvp try and pressure the healers/cc classes if you can't burst a single target.

      In 1v1 vs classes such as templar/ranger/assasin try to save berserking for when you can get off a huge amount of damage i.e when you've got rid of blind from yourself(use defence preperation if you feel you need it, opening with berserking can gimp yourself) always try to save charge to immune slows/create an opening rather than prebuffing it, oh also try to have synergy with cc classes for example don't use aoe skills on sleeps and such. I think I've covered most of the basics :). - I use this primarily for group pvp. - I use this for 1v1s/duels, you can swap out magic defence for ankle snare but I don't like it personally since I don't have much trouble tracking/with melee.

      For manastones for your dps set you want attack/crit blue composite manastones but since you're starting out green crit strike and accuracy or attack isn't too bad either(make sure you have a good amount of crit, around 1100).

      Later on you will want to get the bloodmark mythic gear and slot it full of magic suppression 50(when that patch comes) to deal with those pesky mage classes in a 1v1 scenario or vs mage heavy groups to shrug off the damage.

      Hope I helped :).
      Sit boy!

      Osuwari - 75 Sorceror
      Bakuryuha - 75 templar

      Blackberries - 75 Gladiator (retired old boi)

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