[Forwarded] Disable Incarnations of the Elements in 1v1 arenas.

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    • [Forwarded] Disable Incarnations of the Elements in 1v1 arenas.


      Could we have in-game survey asking players if they would like to have disabled Incarnations of the Elements (elemental transformation on 75lvl) in 1v1 arenas: Golden Crucible & Arena of Discipline? As You can see on picture below the vast majority of people who voted in facebook's poll think that these transformations should be disabled in 1v1 arenas.

      There was already topic on forum where I asked players what they think about 75lvl transformation in all arenas and battlegrounds: 75lvl Elemental Transformation on arenas and battlegrounds
      Only 49 voted and we weren't not so agree. 37% people were against. It's mostly because people were saying that transformation aren't so OP in group PvP. I can agree with that. It's easier to kill them with 6 people and also transformation time (5min) is a smaller percentage of the duration of the entire battlefield.

      We are more agree in disabling transformations in 1v1 arenas. There will be still some players defending transformations and saying that it can be defeated in 1v1. Yes, it can be done, but not by every class. Classes without CC (Crowd Control) are not able to kill transformed player in 5min. All what they can do it making a draw 0:0, but it won't help in Golden Crucible in next patch when in case of draw in killx, second deciding factor will be overall damage dealt.

      I understand that people who spent their time or/and real money in getting 75lvl deserve to get some reward from it, but we don't ask about disabling transformation everywhere. You would be able to still use it in open world PvP, 3v3 arenas, 6v6 / 12v12 / 24v24 battlegrounds.

      I know that Aion is far away from being balanced in 1v1. We have overpowered classes, counter classes. Aion balance is fine in group PvP. But NCsoft decided to add new 1v1 arena. So apparently they still want develop 1v1 in this game. Could we ask NCsoft to start balancing game in our region and the first step would be disabling 75lvl transformations in 1v1 arenas.

      Apparently NCsoft is bringing more and more content from Blade & Soul. Maybe some day we will have arenas where participants have equal level and gear. But till then can do something on our own and help our region?

      I appeal to NCsoft, don't make Hack & Slash game limited to 4 skills for 5min every 35min from beautiful MMORPG with variety of skills!

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    • I agree with everything, and Im also sure Gameforge has the power to change it. Just ask ppl in game via in-game survey - I know GF's time cost much, but its important subject for us.


    • Its not healthy for the first thing to come to aion that really feels competitive to allow such thing as these transforms.Games in nowadays are trying with every way to be competitive like putting up ranks that makes the player feel better because he is above others . Aion is already late on doin that but it finally gets something , dont ruin it with this...just remove them
    • I kinda got used to earth form (since everyone has it, even if it's broken sometimes), but the fire xform in arena and even in pvp istances is terrible. Lv 75 players already have a big advantage in terms of creative points, that I can accept, but not the stupid fire xform.
    • Gameforge also can not forget there is totally different game reality between EU and Asian servers for which this aspect of the game has been designed. In my opinion this is biggest argument why Gameforge should be obliged to fulfill our request about in-game survey.