Good news for gathering

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    • Good news for gathering

      It seems our comments about gathering were not ignored, changes have been made. I tested a few things today. In all cases you only need to click one time on the item, not 3 times)

      1 normal item (ore/gems/wood etc) = 3
      1 Huge item = 9

      The single gather on a malavite ore uses only 1 Altare glass bottle (previously to gather 3 malavite from the ore you would need 3 bottles)

      The logs have chance to give 3 normal logs or 3 bundles.

      Unique items like eurons memento etc are still given.

      Aether gathering.. Same.. one click gathers the whole node and gives 3 aether and uses only one aether exctractor.

      So over all that means quicker gathering and in some cases like gems you get more per gather than you did before. All good stuff.