Eather types, only normals now?

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    • Eather types, only normals now?


      I recently came back to Aion. And when i am collecting eather now, i never get green, blue or orange versions.

      Did they remove them from the game? and are there new morphdesigns to make up for it?

    • Aether and gathering all give white grade now.
      The morph designs to make for example brilliant drenite do not exist, any designs you have to morph green, blue yellow grade materials will disappear when you try to use it, if they have not been removed from your list already.

      Crafting designs give different options so you can use up any green/blue/gold materials you have, that is if you can find the rest of the old style ingredients to complete the design.

      The good side of this is having only white grade now saves a lot of space in inventory.

      The down side, you may be left with a lot of useless flux in inventory if like me you had hoarded them.