Kaisinel's Army Set

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    • Kaisinel's Army Set

      I have a little question. I saw Kaisinel's Army sets today and i loved how it looks, i wanted them to use as skin. And i started to do quest, also i started to search for sellers of this set. Someone told me to not buy chain because cloth is better for support and leather is better for dps. And i was thinking about saving Kaisinel set skins until i find a good gear to remodel. But now i think i can use Kaisinel too. It looks like a complex i know but, is it true? Cloth Kaisinel set is better for support and leather one is better for DPS? :ashy:
    • Hay,

      Don't know about those sets, but as far as i know for support you want MSupp/HP/Enmity Boost - and Healing Boost is nice aswell so just take the set wich has most of those stats (honesty i would never use cloth on chant, MB does nothing for support :)). For DPS i used leather on my chanter for years just because it had more crit/attack/MAcc then chain had if it's still that way i couldn't say, just look for the sets with most of those stats and take that...

      Hope i could help you some :)
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    • Thanks for you reply ^^ I checked the stats of them and i can't find any reason to use cloth while there is Chain for supporters, you know the chains which clerics wear. The only + of cloth is MP and i don't need it usually, as i said i want them for skin, but again, i want to save them until i find a good gear because i'm using PvP gear for PvE :rolleyes: And leather have more M.Supp than Chain, but have evasion instead of parry, their set effects are same. There is no Crit :thumbdown: you can check their stats from here: aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Kaisinel's_Protector_Set