Sm - dps a few queastions

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    • Sm - dps a few queastions

      Hi, guys i have a few queastions to good sm players. Thank you for your help and sory for bad english.
      My sm stats are like this full buffed 4600mb,2600 ma, 608 crit spell. Ive got 72 lvl.
      1. I use firnament Spellbook of the Mighty Firmament +15 combinated with the new ap book for 70 lvl. I use this book for pvp and pve. Is it wort to combine this Firmament spellbook with the new bm gear for 17% attack speed ? Will i do more pve dps with this ? If i do so i lose much stats like crit spell , mb, ma and pvp dmg. Its worth it ?
      2. How would you allocate your points for pve ? Ive got 107 points. And my build for pve dps is :
      - 35 Knowledge (35p)
      - Compasion of the earth (5p)
      - Strenghten defence (5p)
      - Attack boost (5p)
      - Elemental strike 5 (15p)
      - Weaken spirit 5 (15p)
      - Vacuum Hoke 5 (15p)
      - Backdraft 4 (10p)
      - Erosion 1 (1p)
      - Soul torent 1 (1p)
      3. I see many sm-s nowadays not using spirits anymore for dps ? Why ? Its not worth it ?
      Thank you very much for your help and one more time sorry for my bad english. Have a nice day :)
    • [NICK]kurielin wrote:

      3. I see many sm-s nowadays not using spirits anymore for dps ? Why ? Its not worth it ?

      Because they dont know how to play SM..
      How i'd split your 107 poitns for PvE:
      28 knowledge
      5 earth transofrm (jsut to have that extra shield)
      13p high daeva skill (the one replacing kamikadze)
      10p weaken spirit
      10p ritual push
      10p vacuum choke
      15p erosion (this must be 15p no matter what u do)
      15p spirit detonation claw
      1p aegis breaker

      eventually my current view of this on 128p is:
      36 knowledge
      5 earth transofrm (jsut to have that extra shield)
      16p high daeva skill (the one replacing kamikadze)
      15p weaken spirit
      10p ritual push
      10p vacuum choke
      15p erosion (this must be 15p no matter what u do)
      15p spirit detonation claw
      6p aegis breaker
      (got 2 extra poitns that i have on accu or hp , when it becomes 4 will go in 10p aegis breaker)

      Now here comes the difference, when u are playing in instance that is hard to keep up the spirit up fully buffed all the time (or its just single target dmg) u could take off the points of the high daeva skill and put them back to weaken spirit, vacuum choke and ritual push in that same order, then knowledge and aegis breaker.

      As for pvp with your 107p i'd go for ~balaneced skill usage again:
      31 knowledge (eventually u'd want this maxed)
      5 earth transform
      15 weaken spirit
      15p erosion
      15p aegis breaker
      10p ritual push (eventually u'd want this maxed)
      10p vacuum choke
      6p ignite aether (eventually u'd want this maxed)

      As for the weapons i am using 1 74 spellbook merged with upgraded runa for pve and orb 77 merged with myth bm with atk speed, i could tell u due to the fact i'm mb capped with both, i find almost 0 difference in pve dmg, however in pvp the atk speed is rly coming handy due to the fact i'm not casting almost anything while ppl are not feared and running around my group while doing dispells soul torrent and such. (having said that u could put your points from vacuum choke in soul torrent for pvp if u prefer so)

      If you download mine or nekosm arm sessions from you'll see how much % our spirits are doing, meaning if u dont use your spirit as dmg source but as mana pot - well you wont do dmg. OH also never use the buff vision in pve , it gives u only HP and speed , suppression is irrelevant in pve, magic attack % as well coz it works only on direct dmg and not ticking of dots, while u're also loosing your insane dmg out of the spirit

      PS depending on the ppl you go with and the amount of them sometimes it might be better to actually go for blight, if their bonus dmg can outweight your own (speaking about PvE - such as if u have high dmg setup in tiamat stronghold, May be kata or Makarna , the 80 World bosses in esterra/nostra)
      PS2 i'm na NA pack so ritual push = elemental strike

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    • Becase it brings up rly high aoe dmg +knockback . As for spirits whenever i feel like putting extra effort in keeping my tempest alive i use tempest, but usually i use earth as its actually surving reatively easy due to the disturbance being a life drain (if u are asmo Magma works the same way but does the tempest dmg if not even higher). Also spirit erosion from tempest gives -wind and water ele def and 30% or so of your dmg is wind/water, while earth spirit ero - earth element def which is your primary dps element(again magma case -earth,fire ele def which makes even more powerful)
      In any case dont feel obligated to use the kamikadze skill as its efficincy kinda depends on how used to the place u are at and your habit of using it, so it might take a while till u start using it to its full advantage, also not not that versatile in general. I use wind/water/fire spirits rly rarely in pve(noly when the place requires smt specific from them) and i dont even have water/fire spirit in the bar.
    • I've never tried to boot magic explosion for pve, do you think it's worth it? I don't even use it if I'm going without IB and magic implosion actually xd. I'm usually boosting backdraft and knowledge to max. Vacuum choke should always be maxed for pve imho
    • [NICK]huggyex86 wrote:

      I don't even use it if I'm going without IB and magic implosion actually xd.

      Why are you not using magic implosion? did some tests recently and magic implo + explo does slightly higher dmg than the spirit offering(if thats the stigma u're using instead)

      [NICK]huggyex86 wrote:

      I'm usually boosting backdraft and knowledge to max

      backdraft is not even spamable nor high dps skill to have any point in wasting points in it not for pve not for pvp, knowledge may be but if u are mb caped already the diffence in 3-15 crit spell wont give u same difference as some skill boost.

      Well you could max out vacuum choke if u wish but i personally dont put much importance to it even tho its spamable skill its the last skill i give importance to, meaning unless u're sittign still its the last thing u'd actually use, or at least should be. If kamikadze is not used yes vacuum choke should be maxed out, but not for the sake of not leveling up other vital skills. And if u're talking about maxed vacuum choke for pvp, well if u use it that much in pvp u're doign smt terribly wrong :D
    • edited /i'm blind
      but in general wasnt rly speakig about pure dmg, u gotta understand not everything is about raw dmg , but also availability. I still think the dots are much easier to use
      test it on real bosses not dummy -total dmg, not single use
      However i wouldnt say its mistake to use offensive just for me feels like implo is better :D

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    • But keekping tempest alive ist that easy in endgame instances, right ? The bosses have strong aoe-s that hiting like crazy. I have one more queastion :D How do you fight duels vs gunner ? Its realy hard to win with class. I dont use bg and fear. Becouse they will call me noob :D
    • [NICK]kurielin wrote:

      How do you fight duels vs gunner ? Its realy hard to win with class. I dont use bg and fear. Becouse they will call me noob :D

      if u dont , u simply cant, have in mind the sm w/o its fears/bg is probably the weakest class (at least till 74 for the high daeva contract-blink)

      altho i do restrict myself with fears sometimes i end up getting rly stressed, and believe me when i am playing with any of my other chars i never feel more vulnerable than with the sm as the sm natural defensive capabilites cant compare to other classes
      just watching the gold arena, u'll see how squishy are SMs when they dont use bg/fears smart
      problem with sm is not that it doesnt have dmg but that to do it u need some time to place all debuffs ontop of each other

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    • Heh, thats not so good ;C So i just wonna use insta fear. Btw. What do you think is more revarding grinding Pirates(75-77lvl) or the owl elites (74-75) ? I think more exp i will get from 1h grinding owls. Is there something worth soling ? for loot maybe for exp ? Or is there something i shuld be doing on my sm lvl 72 ? Ive improved my stats now i have 4664 mb,2489 ma, 655 crit spell.
    • Nekosm wrote:

      Krotan, miren, kysis instances solo: better exp

      yea about that, at 73 seems clearing them gets faster but till 72 was slow and i wouldnt say it was faster xp tan open world farm
      as for drop - if u are lucky u can get even 10 of those new myths , they dont cost much but if get more u get lots of kinah and also they're nice for magical morphing
    • I don't mean to bumb this thread and state the obvious, but a lot has happened over the last year. Since 5.8, pets end up lowering your dps, so I don't recommend using them for pve anymore unless spirit bundling is down.

      1. Pets don't benefit from any pve attack, where as SM damage got a huge pve attack increase. Pet's damage was not increased to compensate for this.

      2. Impossible to get the pet perma MB capped even with full knowledge +10 enhanced fallusha, Armor spirit and DP. Max you could hypothetically get is around 5800-5900, which means you could reach the 6200 MB cap with MS debuffs placed on the boss or with pet's temporary yellow buff. Not to mention using Armor Spirit instead of IB lowers the overall Alliance dps which isn't worth it.

      3. Pets have a 1.0x crit modifier for magic dmg. This means their magic crits do same dmg as non crit. Since 5.0 patch SMs have finally been able to reach crit spell cap, whereas their pets damage was not increased to compensate.

      4. Cooldown of Spirit Bundling has been lowered on average because of the changes to stigma enchanting and enchanting set bonuses. It is now much easier to +7 full stigmas and get full +9 set bonus, which lowers IB and spirit bundling CDs to 2:27 seconds. Spirit bundling increases all SM damage by 10%.

      At the moment, im doing more dps with IB/spirit bundling than with magma buffed with 2k on a training dummy even though the pet is MB capped on the dummy, so imagine if pet isn't mb capped like in narkalli.

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