Weekly Maintenance: 08.03.2017

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    • Weekly Maintenance: 08.03.2017

      Wednesday 08.03.2017, we will perform our regular maintenance! Web services and servers will be not reachable starting from 8:00 am CET.

      • [Promo] The Gold Ingot Traders - until 15.03.2017
      • [PvE Event] The Alchemist's Gift - until 08.03.2017 - will be deactivated (NPC will remain till 15.03.2017)
      • [Boost]: +50% Exp - will be deactivated
      • [Boost]: +50% Drop Boost- until 15.03.2017
      • [Promo]: Mysterious Enchantment and Enchanting Fever- until 15.03.2017 - more info will follow

      [Additional info]

      • We will activate the new calculation of the Abyss ranking based on Honour Points. From now on, players have to at least gather 1450 Honour Points over 4 weeks to stay in the ranking. See Patch Notes for Details