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    • Luna Design

      as we do the luna instance and get some material to make some skin or other stuff , i think its better if they add some pet and mounts on Today's design , so it gonna worth more than doing luna instance and get the material for nothing
      this gonna be my first thread so i may have some mistake on it ok nvm,
      :like: OR:dislike:

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    • Zenzaidane wrote:

      Most people go there for the exp not for skin only
      well i know that but what i was going to say , while we do it , isnt its better if we get better design ( just think about it , u r geared but still u dont have a pet for buff u and u dont have money to spend on game < also there is 3 main scroll for both mage and physical class include , att speed movment speed and crit > now u face a sm and he can debuff u just think about it how much ur reflex will come down to buff urself in middle of a fight but there is pet for the buff and u need to buy it from the shop > but if they add the pet and mounts on today design we dont need to buy it from the shop anymore( some people dont have moeny to spend on game ) like NA also it make it ezer for geared people or not geared in pve and pvp
      its not all about mount and pet the EU luna design is rly lack alot of stuff from NA i think gameforge can do that too if u guys show some support
    • About luna craft i saw some good skins there but to be honest i hate that each day we see same haloween sh.t and nothing new , cant replace those things with something more european instead ?At least from time ti time change those things with something new....
    • so at the end no one want the luna to be change ,

      Click wrote:

      To be honest, you don't really need a pet that buffs you, it's just a convenience product, if you want one, you can buy it in the shop.
      If you don't want to spend money, do this instead:

      ... and put that macro on an easy accessible key.

      As for mount ~ You can craft them with Magical Crafting.
      well yea that can be right , but u want to spend an entry year for upping ur magical crafting :) , as for the macro i know about macro but when i said that i means it can be used auto not manually
      also a tip for u , u dont need to put it in ur bard then use the macro u can just get the scroll and throw it on the macro so u dont fill ur bards too

      Zenzaidane wrote:

      Most people go there for the exp not for skin only
      yea thats true it give a bit exp too at high lvl but believe me u will get bored of getting nothing from it so u wont run it anymore
      when a person start from zero , u get bored after sometimes because u get nothing, RPG is all about time i agree with that
      but in EU server money say the first thing not time