Temp Class Problems

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    • Since when is lfg the standard for anything? Most lfg is formed from people with low knowledge of the game and no gear. Some people make the effort to get better, to get into legions, to have in game friends. If you're still looking putting lfg on a pedestal, to hold your hand for high end instances, you deserve all that.
    • t0re wrote:

      2. GoK only required class is 1 cleric, all other 5 can be w/e
      Hey! :aamazing:
      Chanter has been able to solo heal it for a while depending on the group. Chanter + SW should have an easy time by now, too.


      Say I have a party of five beast players and I'm not trying to push trivial content below 10 seconds.


      Now, someone applies, which classes does every individual player prefer?

      The Assassin/Gladiator will either pick another Glad/Sin for DPS race purposes, SM for Buff stuff, or a Templar so they don't have to tank.
      The Sorcerer will most likely pick Templar for favorite because another Sorc would cost him Flame Cage DPS, and a Glad/Sin might not be able to retain aggro over the Sorc's burst. SM for Infernal Blight is a strong contender too.
      The Cleric will probably pick Templar because it eases workload on him and allows him to DPS, though I can see another Glad/Sin/SM as primary choice as well.
      The Chanter will not really care, but probably pick Templar because it frees up DPS time or SM for SWoP and Infernal Blight.

      All the physical classes might want an AT as well, but might hold off from that because AT *really* is horrible DPS.

      Now tell me, how would a Ranger feel compared to Templar? A Gunslinger? These classes bring nothing to the table. Neither DPS that compares to Sin/Sorc, nor defensive or CC capabilites that are relevant. AT? Would-be-nice-but-horrible-DPS.

      Templar is fine.
    • t0re wrote:

      3. Cleric is REQUIRED IF u do golmir or u wanna do it faster and safer(YE with templar its much safer as well), otherwise u can do it even with combo of chanters/bards on supp
      Klaws not.

      Hashtag wrote:

      Ofc depends on membebrs you already have, but lets be honest noone realy need a templar. Templar is just kinda needed in nara nm.
      We already had that and figured that there aren't any mandatory classes except for cleric.
      Mostly it's a matter of individual skill - and coincidence.
      E.g. our Narakkalli HM alliance. It consists
      3 cleric
      1 chanter
      1 sin
      1 gladiator
      1 templar
      1 ranger
      1 bard
      2 sorcs
      1 SM

      Chanter and ranger die first (and can be replaced by anyone who can pass on Chilling Cold). Plates are replaceable but convenient - and if the templar wasn't there one of clerics would have to take care of more Cold Strikes.
      Anyway most of the classes can be replaced, even by someone who might deal (a bit) less damage - especially in the current patch where it's quite easy to obtain even way greater gear.
      And they're not the mightiest of the mighty either, therefore it's inviteable that any of them could be replaced in theory. Except for clerics in general.

      Of course there are classes people hardly stack. Like templar or bard or SM, but most classes have certain (dis)advantages in group, solo PvE and PvP. Templar simply isn't special - and even in games where the holy trinity does exist tanks can still deal damage quite often.

      No one denies that not all classes are liked equally, but well, I don't know why we discuss templar here.
    • I gonna throw in my 2 cents.

      Korea should design toc per class.
      Not really templar specific but I can see why people dislike doing toc as temp (or even mirash).

      Doing pve content is mostly irrelevant in this patch once you are 75.
      You can buy nearly everything with kinah.
      Now of course you have to possess 10000 alts and farm supp and abuse events.
      If you want to have a fast lok run, picking up a temp yourself is not recommended.
      I would make a cleric or sorc alt army. If someone does really aggro all mobs,
      a level 70 party will wipe with or without temp. People who prefer playing temp
      even as alt, cuz they like the gameplay, are in that sense screwed.

      Sidenote: playing temp in group pvp is so chill compared to sm or cleric. (Who qqs now:P)
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